Single Emily Atack is determined to find "happiness on her own" before she settles down with a man.

The former I'm A Celeb Extra Camp presenter is trying to find "contentment" before she even thinks about her love life.

Emily, 30, is on a journey to becoming happy with her own company, and is quite the independent woman as she currently lives on her own.

"I do love to go out. But for now, I'm a single woman who lives on my own, so I'm trying to find happiness and contentment on my own," she told Contact Music.

But it seems living alone doesn't stop the presenter from living her best life.

Emily isn't looking for Mr Right at the moment

Emily is a huge fan of cooking and sitting down in front of the telly with "a bottle of something" to relax.

However the star made clear she's still a party animal, adding: "Don't get me wrong though, I still get drunk!"

The TV personality also claims she hasn't found anyone she's "fallen in love with" yet, but she is still making the time to go on dates and have fun.

The single star could have a boyfriend if she wanted too - but she hasn't found the perfect man

Admitting she "isn't short of offers," the star is simply waiting for the right person to come along.

She revealed: "People say to me, 'How are you still single?' but I want to be in a relationship when it's the right person.

"At the moment there isn't a man in my life I want to commit to because I'm not in love."

The TV personality enjoys her independence and wants to find happiness first

Emily has made several appearances on dating shows, and says her pet hate is when people say, 'Where do you think you're going wrong?' as she insists she isn't.

"I could have a boyfriend if I wanted to. I'm not afraid to say I'm not short of offers, but I haven't met anyone that I've fallen in love with."

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In the past, Emily says "she's dedicated herself to a man" and been left heartbroken.

Emily is doing the career she's "always wanted" and admits "I'm living for me".

Talking to Daily Star, she revealed: "I'm doing the career I've always wanted and I'm keeping my guard up at the moment as I don't want a man to come along and ruin it all."

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