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Elon Musk considered for $250 MILLION Trump advertising campaign ahead of US election

The SpaceX and Tesla boss has previously claimed to be “independent” regarding his political stance and has not explicitly backed either the Republicans or the Democrats recently. He said in a tweet: “To be clear, I am not a conservative. Am registered independent & politically moderate.

“Doesn’t mean I’m moderate about all issues. Humanitarian issues are extremely important to me & I don’t understand why they are not important to everyone.”

The advertising campaign has been slammed by US officials this week after documents regarding information about the campaign set-up were revealed.

The multi-million dollar advertising campaign aimed to “defeat despair and inspire hope” ahead of the upcoming US election, now just days away.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has said in the past he is neither Republican nor Democrat (Image: Yasin Ozturk / Anadolu Agency / Getty)

It would have involved celebrities and other prominent public figures such as Mr Musk.

However, documents have now revealed a number of “troubling” details to do with the campaign, including that celebrities were investigated as to whether they supported same-sex marriage or not beforehand.

In addition, critics said the documents “indicate that HHS political appointees sought to use taxpayer dollars to advance a partisan political agenda and direct taxpayer money to their friends and allies.”

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Coronavirus USA flag

The ad campaign aimed to "defeat despair and inspire hope" amid the coronavirus pandemic (Image: Steve Pfost / Newsday RM / Getty)

She, along with two other committee heads wrote a letter to US health secretary Alex Azar to demand more information about the advertising campaign.

The letter states: “We write today regarding your complete failure to comply with our previous requests for documents regarding a $250 million contract awarded by the Trump Administration to launch a massive advertising campaign just weeks before the election to “defeat despair and inspire hope” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Donald Trump

The Trump Administration's ad campaign was planned to take place just weeks before the US election (Image: Mark Wilson / Getty)

“Your failure to provide the documents we requested—especially in light of the information we have learned from the contractors—appears to be part of a cover-up to conceal the Trump Administration’s misuse of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for partisan political purposes ahead of the upcoming election, and to direct taxpayer funds to friends and allies of Trump Administration officials.”

The letter also called details such as the vetting of celebrities regarding their opinions on gay rights as “extremely troubling”.

It now appears all celebrities who initially agreed to take part in the campaign have since pulled out.

Carolyn B. Maloney

Carolyn B. Maloney is one US official have blasted the ad campaign this week (Image: Mark Wilson / Getty)

US election spending graph

US election spending graph (Image: EXPRESS)

Elon Musk does not appear to have been one of them, according to a chart published by Politico which put his status as ‘pending answer’.

It is not the first time the South African-born American billionaire has been picked for jobs within the Trump Administration.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has been on advisory councils to the president before, though he stepped down over climate disagreements (Image: Matt McClain / The Washington Post / Getty)

In 2017, Mr Musk was part of two advisory councils to Donald Trump, before stepping down from both because he disagreed with the president’s move to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement.

He later tweeted: “Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.”

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