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Ellie Gould’s parents may finally learn why she was killed after murderer invited to take part in review of her death

THE devastated parents of murdered teen Ellie Gould may finally learn why she was killed.

Her murderer, boyfriend Thomas Griffiths, has been invited to take part in a new review into her death.

Griffiths, 18, stabbed 17-year-old Ellie 13 times in the neck after she split with him to concentrate on her A-levels at the school they both attended.

Griffiths, who pleaded guilty but has refused to explain why he took Ellie’s life, was locked up for 12½ years in November.

A council-backed probe will look to see if there were any indicators of “domestic abuse”.

Ellie’s parents Carole and Matthew, of Calne, Wilts, said they “want answers from Griffiths”.

Carole said: “He should wake up to what he has done.

"Just saying he can’t remember or explain why isn’t acceptable.”

The report, by domestic violence charity Standing Together, will be given to council chiefs and the Home Office.

Ellie’s school friends have collected 10,000 signatures on a petition backed by The Sun calling for compulsory self- defence lessons in schools.


Pal Ellie Welling said: “If Ellie had known some, maybe she would have managed to get away.”

“It baffles me that it’s not in the national curriculum. It’s potentially life-saving.”

Ellie would have turned 18 last week and her friends laid flowers in honour of their “charismatic” pal.

Griffiths will be eligible to apply for a sentence reduction after half the time imposed.

Because he was under 18, terms can be shortened if "the offenders welfare may be seriously prejudiced by his continued imprisonment".

Mum Carole has previously said he should serve at least 17 years - equal to her age - given his lack of remorse.

She added: "We as Ellie’s parents we want answers from Griffiths , how could he carry out such an evil brutal murder on our beautiful, kind, caring gentle Ellie who he was supposed to have been fond of and why did he do it?

"How could he just walk out of the house, leaving her on the kitchen floor and not call for help and why on earth didn’t he stop when he was strangling her and she was fighting back?

"He is pure evil and should never get out of prison at the age of 30 to have a second chance.

"Griffith's actions were callous, merciless and unpredictable.

"We invited him into our home, he even shared Ellie's birthday with us.

There was never an indicator at that time that he was capable of such a heinous act against our Ellie."

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