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Eight Hollyoaks spoilers for next week as Nancy is STABBED in the school playground

NANCY Osbourne is viciously stabbed at school after trying to break up a fight next week as the new county lines drug dealing storyline escalates in Hollyoaks.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening on the Channel 4 soap next week...

1. Nancy humiliates herself

Everyone dons hazmat suits to give The Hutch a thorough clean.

But Nancy is mortified when she mistakes a hooded and masked Darren for Kyle and goes in for a cuddle.

Mandy isn’t best pleased by Nancy’s error of judgement either.

2. Darren gets another shock

Nancy drops a bombshell when she fears that she’s pregnant.

Darren is quick to fear the worst but she reassures everyone that the baby is Kyle’s.

But Darren doesn’t look convinced.

3. Liam helps out Maxine

Viewers know that Maxine struggled to give Minnie the extravagant Christmas she wanted to treat her to due to money problems.

Next week, Liam comes to her rescue and offers her some cash to help with her financial issues.

But what tricks does he have up his sleeve?

4. James wallows in his despair

Romeo is gutted when Juliet avoids him by sleeping at the Lomax flat.

The teen is quick to lash out at James and blame him for pushing her away.

James can’t deal with the criticism and agrees it’s all his fault as he wallows in his despair.

5. James drowns his sorrows

John Paul comes to the rescue when he spots James sitting on the floor necking a bottle of wine.

John offers some words of encouragement to try and get James to see sense - will he?

6. Marnie is meddling

It turns out Marnie has asked for John Paul's help to get James back to his former self.

Of course, James doesn't like being made to feel like a charity case.

But John Paul persists, desperate to get James back to his normal self.

7. Nancy is stabbed

Disaster strikes when pregnant Nancy tries to break up a fight in the school playground and in the process ends up getting stabbed.

The children surround her in horror as she lies on the ground.

Is she going to make it?

8. John Paul comes to the rescue - again

John Paul rushes to check on Nancy.

He looks concerned as he offers her encouraging words.

Sally is horrified at what’s happened, and fears it’s only the beginning of the chaos at the school.

Viewers know that the County Lines drug dealing storyline is set to escalate on the show this year.

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