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Edinburgh airport raises pick-up to 5 - Scotland

Edinburgh airport said it had to ‘proactively combat’ congestion around the terminal
Edinburgh airport said it had to ‘proactively combat’ congestion around the terminalALAMY

Edinburgh airport has enraged passengers by raising pick-up zone charges to £5, thought to be the highest in the UK.

The fee covers only the first 15 minutes, after which it increases to £9. The airport said it had a duty to “proactively combat” congestion around the terminal and that it had trebled the free parking time available at its long-stay car park. The drop-off charge was also raised at about the same time last year, from £1 to £2.

Campaigners are pushing back with a petition called “Edinburgh airport — Stop the rip-off”, which had gathered more than 2,000 signatures at 8.30 last night. Robert Finlayson, who created the petition, wrote: “Enough’s enough. Edinburgh airport is milking the captive market of those picking up…

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