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Eddie Hall slams Hafthor Bjornsson’s ‘fake fights’ and claims The Mountain’s punches have ‘no snap’

EDDIE HALL has slammed Hafthor Bjornsson’s ‘fake’ exhibition fights, claiming The Mountain’s opponents are told to ‘TICKLE’ him.

Speaking to Muscle and Health, Hall also took aim at Bjornsson’s ‘no snap’ punches, insisting they don’t hurt anyone.

And the Brit, 33, is confident of a win when the pair finally clash next year, declaring: ‘I can bang harder.’

Hall, who has lost six stone, was due to take on his strongman rival this weekend in a boxing grudge match.

But The Beast suffered a detached bicep earlier this summer, leaving him unable to compete.

Bjornsson, 32, will instead take on world No1 arm wrestler Devon Larratt on Saturday after shedding nine stone.

And it will be the Game of Thrones star’s third exhibition bout in front of an audience, with Tyson Fury already in his sights.

However, Hall has questioned the intensity and validity of the previous two fights, claiming Bjornsson’s opponents were instructed to go easy with ‘tickles’.


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He told Muscle and Health: “I’ve been doing some good exhibition fights as well, not just sparring, so I’m actually getting in the ring with guys who want to take my head off and that’s what it’s all about. 

“It’s about trying to take someone’s head off. Unless you’re actually in the ring with someone trying to take you down, you’re never going to experience that. 

“You can be like Thor and you can set all these fake exhibition fights where guys are told to tickle you and not really take your head off, but that won’t do you any favours. That’s just teaching you to be tickled."

Hall also fired shots at Bjornsson’s punching technique, claiming the Icelandic giant hasn’t thrown a single one that could cause damage.

And that will give the British behemoth the edge next year.

Hall added: “Since we started prepping for this fight 18 months ago, I have not seen one single punch that Thor has thrown on a heavy bag, on a person, or on a mitt that’s made me think, ‘wow, that could hurt somebody.’ 

“Not one punch have I seen that I think could hurt anyone. Thor just pushes everything. There’s no snap in his punches. 

“I’m the complete opposite. Every punch I throw is snappy. It lands a crisp sound on the bag or a crisp sound on the opponent’s headgear. 

“I know I can bang quicker and harder than he can - evidently.”


Watch Eddie Hall spar with just his right hand three weeks after having bicep reattachment surgery ahead of Thor fight

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