Ed Sheeran said he gives 10 frozen lasagnes to new parent pals as he knows they will be too tired to cook for date nights.

As well as treating the tots, the dad-of-one said his main priority for gifts are the exhausted parents.

Ed, 30, added: “Everyone sends stuff to the babies firstly but they always forget about the mother.”

He also said he won an ice cream eating contest in the US – and threw up.

The chart-topper wolfed down two litres in Rhode Island when he was 22 and on tour with Taylor Swift.

Speaking on the Off Menu podcast, he added: “So, I finish it and everyone is like, ‘Yay’, and I say, ‘I have to go to the toilet’.

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They have a daughter together (


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“I projectile vomited ice cream all over the floor.”

Ed recently announced his new UK and Europe tour dates, and that he'll be taking daughter Lyra with him.

Dubbed the Mathematics Tour, Ed will make his return to the live stage with 27 gigs across the UK, Ireland, central Europe and Scandinavia, including three massive concerts at London’s Wembley Stadium next summer.

The tour’s official name is + – = ÷ x, a clever reference to his chart-topping studio albums, and during a chat with Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast, Ed announced the exciting news, as well as revealing that he'll be making the tour a family affair.

The singer is taking his family on tour

Ed said on previous tours he’s been alone as wife Cherry “dipped in and out” of his Divide tour, which ran from 2017 to 2019.

However, for the Mathematics concerts, Cherry and their daughter Lyra will be coming with him, and they wouldn’t be returning home until the tour has finished.

“Now her work is all completely remote because of the pandemic has made it so everyone works from their laptops, so she’s coming fully on the road, and usually I would fly home in-between dates, but we’re just going to be out,” he explained to host Roman.

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Ed has big plans for his family while on the road, and poked fun at his lengthy world tours, as he said daughter Lyra would be starting school by the time he’s finished.

“We’ll live in Germany for a week, live in France for a week, it’s going to be really nice, and it’s going to be really good for Lyra as well to see other cultures and she’ll be, by the time the tour ends, she’ll be like 5, so that’s good,” he quipped.

“And then start primary school instantly, it’s well timed!” Ed laughed.

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