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EastEnders: Whitney and Kush’s shock romance revealed – Shona McGarty has spoken out

GRAY Atkins sabotages Whitney Dean’s date with Kush next week in EastEnders - and makes a move on her. 

But might there be a romance on the cards for Kush and Whitney - who is played by Shona McGarty in the BBC One soap - despite Gray’s best efforts to have her to himself? Here’s the lowdown...

Is there a romance on the cards for Whitney and Kush in EastEnders?

EastEnders spoilers have revealed that Gray will be left seething when he spots Kush and Whitney flirting next week. 

When Whitney later announces she has a date with Kush that evening, Gray puts a seed of doubt in her mind and puts her off going. 

But will Kush and Whitney reschedule?

With EastEnders keeping shtum about whether a romance blossoms between the pair, viewers will have to wait and see.

However, EastEnders bosses have confirmed Davood Ghadami will be leaving his role as Kush as part of an “explosive" storyline set to play out into 2021. 

With the BBC soap yet to confirm how Kush will be leaving the Square, could it have something to do with killer Gray and Whitney?

What has Shona McGarty said about a romance between Whitney and Kush? 

Shona McGarty has revealed that Whitney is set to enjoy a bit of a flirt with Kush in the coming weeks.

Speaking to, she revealed: “Whitney and Kush have always got on. They’ve been through a lot because of Whitney’s past especially with Leo. "

She added: "She really likes Kush as a friend. I don’t think she sees anything for them in the future but she’s having a bit of a flirt because she’s happy at the moment."

What move does Gray make on Whitney in EastEnders?

Spoilers have revealed that Gray asks Whitney to move in with him in a shock twist next week in EastEnders after their movie night together.

Gray's shock proposition will come after he bumps into the divorce lawyer at the cafe who offers his condolences, leading Gray to realise Chantelle must have visited him for advice. 

Gray is devastated by the development, but wastes little time in asking Whitney to move in.

Will Whitney accept Gray’s advances in EastEnders?

EastEnders fans have been dreading a romance between Whitney and killer Gray ever since he supported her after her arrest for attempted murder and vowed to build her a defence. 

But actress Shona has ruled out a romance between the pair following Chantelle's death.

Speaking to Digital Spy about Gray's upcoming proposition, Whitney revealed: "Although to the viewers it may look like it was on the cards but Whitney’s really shocked because they had a kiss a long time ago when Chantelle was alive, so Whitney would never go there even if she wanted to. It just wouldn’t feel right."

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She added that Whitney is completely oblivious to Gray's dark side.

She said: "I think Whitney is completely trusting of him.

"Probably purely for the fact that he turned up on the day of the trial, won the case and got her a not guilty verdict. So she owes him a lot. That’s how she feels. I think she trusts him 100%.

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