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EastEnders: What happens to baby Kayden?

KAREN has been given the option of bringing baby Kayden up as her own after Ian gave her a wad of cash to take him away from Walford.

But fans are convinced that a TV twist will confirm that the baby is Phil’s after all. What do we know about baby Kayden’s fate on the BBC One soap so far?

What’s going to happen to baby Kayden in EastEnders?

Sharon made the heartbreaking decision to hand baby Kayden over to Karen in EastEnders this week as she continued to mourn for the loss of her son Dennis. 

Karen was then left deliberating what to do after Ian handed her a wad of cash and asked her to relocate with the baby outside of Walford. 

He pretended he was doing it all for Sharon, but viewers will be well aware that he only had his own interests in mind. 

Ian is desperately trying to cover his tracks and suppress his guilt after locking Dennis below deck during the boat disaster - which ultimately led to the tearaway teen's death. 

Ian’s proposition has left the Taylor clan confused about what to do next. 

Will Karen decide to keep the baby, and will she agree to move away?

Fans were shocked by Sharon's neglect and flocked to Twitter to condemn her behaviour.

One fan tweeted: "Sharon’s grieving with a lot of pain with the loss of her beloved son, Denny but it doesn’t mean she can neglect her little baby #EastEnders."

Another added: "Can someone take this baby off Sharon, please?."

Is baby Kayden’s really Keanu’s in EastEnders?

Sharon was led to believe that her toyboy lover Keanu is the father of Kayden after a paternity test revealed that Phil is not the biological father of the child. 

But despite seeing it in writing, fans are convinced that a twist will confirm that Kayden is Phil’s boy after all. 

One fan said: "Something tells me that baby is Phil’s. I do think when Mel was blackmailing Sharon about the baby. she done something to the test."

Another added: "I hope Phil and Sharon raise the baby together and find out that Phil’s actually the father."

It seems unlikely that there could have been a mix up with the test results, but anything is possible in soapland and fans will have to stay tuned to find out whether it's just wishful thinking.

Are Phil and Sharon over for good in EastEnders?

EastEnders are yet to confirm whether Phil and Sharon rekindle their relationship.

But given that Sharon currently thinks that Phil is behind her son’s death, it seems unlikely.

The grieving mother is set to launch at him in a rage next week after he returns for Dennis’s funeral

In the upcoming scenes, Sharon loses it when she sees Phil lurking in the shadows, and later flies at him in an explosive showdown.

Things escalate rapidly, and Ian ends up ringing the police in a desperate attempt to stop their feud. 

Could Phil end up butchered by Sharon while Ian - the real culprit - walks away scot-free?

Sharon is set to find Ian at the pub later after the police stop sniffing around. 

Will the pair bond over their memories of Denny, or could it be time for another showdown?

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