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EastEnders spoilers next week – Sharon breaks into the Mitchell house and a new face arrives on Albert Square

ALBERT Square is shocked by a horrific accident next week and the Mitchell family continue to clash.

Meanwhile Linda's drinking continues to cause concern as she goes AWOL with Ollie - plus plenty of other juicy Eastenders storylines to make the end of January more bearable.

1. Leo is in trouble with police

The sinister Leo is continuing to cause trouble on the market as he hurls abuse at Kat.

Of course Kat retaliates by destroying his stall.

Making himself unwelcome in the Queen Vic - tensions escalate as Leo is taken away by police - looking like his wicked ways have finally caught up with him.

2. Kush pushes Leo off The Prince Albert's balcony

Seeing as Whitney's stalker has finally been taken care of, Kat suggests a celebration at The Prince Albert - but it all takes a turn for the worse.

Whitney tries to drown her sorrows at the bar but is shocked when Leo make a surprise appearance.

Leo is clearly angry and grabs Whitney, but Kush comes to the rescue.

The pair scuffle, leading to Kush accidentally pushing Leo from the top of The Prince Albert's balcony...

3. Kat tries to protect Whitney

Drama hits new heights as Albert Square's residents are shocked by Leo's fall, with Martin and Kat rallying to protect Kush and Whitney.

Despite her fears, Whitney rushes to Leo's aid just as the paramedics arrive.

Kush is struggling with his conscience, but Kat begs him not to tell the police the truth.

And the torment doesn't stop for poor Whitney when she receives more troubling news later in the week.

4. Shirley drops a bombshell on Sharon

As the Mitchell family feud continues, Sharon tries to find some time to herself at the Beale house.

But the peace is soon shattered when Shirley arrives to drop a bombshell which leaves Sharon distraught.

5. Suki Panesar arrives on Albert Square

Eastenders welcomes a new character to the square next week - the Panesar's sharp-tongued mother Suki.

She wastes no time in showing her sons who's boss and impresses Jean with her no-nonsense attitude.

Suki's main aim is to rebuild her relationship with daughter Ash.

Ash makes an effort to build bridges with her mum but becomes suspicious when stories don't quite add up.

6. Kathy clashes with Sharon

When Kathy pops in to check on Bobby, another argument boils with Sharon, who seems at her wits end.

Despite the clash, Kathy decides to move back in with Ian to help care for Bobby.

Sharon grabs the opportunity to steal Kathy's keys which she uses to sneak into the Mitchell house.

Kathy catches Sharon red-handed and urges her to learn from her own mistakes.

After some wise words from Bobby about the ongoing family tensions - Kathy decides to tackle the problem head on.

7. Linda's drinking causes concern

Linda is upset when she overhears Mo and Jen gossiping about her recent drunken behaviour and is gutted when Mick doesn't stand up for her.

She heads to The Prince Albert for another drink, but Tina refuses to serve her and shares her concerns with Mick.

Mick urges his wife to go to rehab, but Linda refuses to accept she has a problem.

But it doesn't take long before a struggling Linda gives into temptation.

8. Linda disappears with Ollie

It doesn't look good for Linda and her drinking problem is clearly getting worse.

In an attempt to distract herself from the booze, she suggests a day out with Ollie and Mick - but a discovery puts a spanner in the works.

Linda takes Ollie out of school without telling Mick, causing the Carters to panic.

But when Linda finally returns with her son - Mick is fuming but Linda insists she did nothing wrong.

9. Tiffany puts on an act

Tiffany is worried when she finds out the council want to talk to Ted.

Tiffany and her husband Keegan have been secretly living in Ted's old flat since his departure from Albert Square.

In a panic she pretends to be Ted's wife when the council visit and concocts an elaborate lie.

10. Keegan is dealt another blow

Unlucky Keegan loses the food contract for Gray's office and it seems the lad just can't catch a break.

He tries to keep quiet, but eventually comes clean to Tiffany.

11.Patrick invites Sheree to stay

Patrick suggests that Sheree moves in, seeing as he hit it off with her son Issac.

But Sheree isn't too keen on them all living under the same roof and it seems there is more to her reservations than meets the eye.

12. Dotty lands a new job

Dotty impresses Shirley at The Arches and lands herself a new job.

We all know Shirley is hard to please so we can imagine it won't be easy...

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