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EastEnders spoilers: Kim Fox vows revenge on Phil Mitchell as she discovers truth about Vincent’s murder

EASTENDERS' Kim Fox eyes up revenge on Phil Mitchell after discovering the truth behind his involvement with her husband's murder.

Kim (played by Tameka Empson) has been left broken hearted but remaining strong for her children ever since she found out recently that her missing hubby Vincent was murdered.

The iconic BBC soap character was on a mission to find out what had happened to Vincent until Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) warned her that it was a big mistake.

Phil, along with Kim's sister Denise Fox (Diane Parish), informed her that it could bring unwanted trouble from Vincent's killers if she were to dig deeper into the truth.

Instead, Kim decided to focus on raising money through a donation page so that her "genius" daughter Pearl can go to private school.

However, in a coming episode Kim reveals to Phil she knows more than she has been letting on.

She tells him how she knows who Howie is and that Vincent is not just missing, he was murdered.

Acknowledging his regret, Phil tells girlfriend Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) the truth explaining he didn’t kill Vincent and she tells him to tell Kim everything about what happened to the father of her children.

Later he does just that and warns Kim not to say anything or Aidan Maguire will make matters worse.

Angered, Kim tells a nervous Denise and Jack she wants Phil to pay for his involvement.

Later, Kim catches sight of Pearl’s school invoice and puts two and two together realising her sister and Phil are behind the money in an attempt to keep her attention away from her dead husband.

Kim confronts Denise questioning if she knew about Vincent this whole time and Denise finally admits the truth, leaving Kim utterly devastated.

In other news on Albert Square, Rainie notices Stuart acting shifty as he receives a text confirming his doctor’s appointment.

Later Stuart helps Rocky back from the hospital with his bags, however Sonia guesses something is up.

In the doctor’s office Stuart is gobsmacked to find out the truth - he has breast cancer.

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