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EastEnders spoilers: Isaac Baptiste confesses to dad Patrick after learning about murdered brother Paul

ISAAC Baptiste tells his dad Patrick about his schizophrenia diagnosis after learning about his murdered brother Paul Trueman next week in EastEnders. 

Sheree has been encouraging Isaac to keep his diagnosis secret in order to stop people treating him differently. 

Viewers watched Sheree warn Lola to stay away from her son when she discovered they were dating, but Isaac eventually came clean to her about his diagnosis.

Sheree has also insisted that Isaac keep his diagnosis hidden from Patrick, who recently suffered a stroke, to avoid causing him further stress.

But next week, Isaac’s ears prick up when his brother is mentioned. 

When a nurse visits ahead of Patrick’s trial, Isaac is irate when his dad agrees to take part. 

Later, Isaac quizzes Kim about Paul and she eventually admits that he was murdered. 

When Patrick notices a shift in Isaac’s mood he asks Kim what’s bothering him, she admits she spilled the beans about Paul being murdered. 

Sheree overhears the conversation and later checks Isaac is taking his medication. 

Isaac tells Sheree that he wants to tell the truth to Patrick, but Sheree orders him to keep quiet. 

Later, Patrick admits he wishes that his son Paul had opened up about the trouble he was in before it was too late. 

Isaac battles a guilty conscience as he listens to Patrick, and finally decided to ignore Sheree’s warning and tell him about his diagnosis. 

But Patrick is left reeling from Isaac’s revelation and challenges Sheree for keeping it under wraps.

When he insists that Isaac has nothing to be ashamed of, Sheree pretends to agree.

Patrick then talks about how Paul was misunderstood, mentioning the similarities between Isaac and Paul.

Isaac later tells Lola he’s wondering if his schizophrenia diagnosis is a misunderstanding too. 

He later quizzes Ash on doctors misdiagnosing ethnic minorities, using the trial as a cover. 

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When she explains that some conditions are more likely to be wrongly diagnosed than others, his mind is left whirring.

Isaac first hinted at a secret diagnosis last year after Patrick had a stroke.

Isaac praised his mum for supporting Patrick and in the process revealed he was worried no one would be able to look past his own health issues, but didn't explain what they were. 

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