EastEnders' Sonia Fowler raved on Monday's episode as she was gifted a brand new car from a former patient.

Nurse Sonia revealed she got the expensive present because she treated a Covid-19 patient and they were so grateful.

A man pulled up in the car and left it with Sonia, as Whitney Dean asked if she had a new boyfriend.

Reading the note, Sonia said: "It's from a Covid guy that I treated in hospital.

Sonia revealed she had been gifted a new car

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"I ain't got a new boyfriend, I've got a new car!" she laughed.

But NHS guidance makes it very clear Sonia would have to declare the gift because of its high value.

NHS England says on its website: "The guidance will permit staff, such as nurses, to receive a box of chocolates or other small tokens of gratitude from patients but will require them to decline anything that could be seen to affect their professional judgement.

A Covid patient was grateful to nurse Sonia for her services

"Gifts with a value over £50, accepted on behalf of organisations, will need to be declared."

Viewers also noticed this, with one tweeting: "Doesn't supernurse Sonia know all gifts in the NHS have to be declared.. #Eastenders ".

Another wondered: "Not sure the nhs Trust sonia works for would allow her to accept a gift like that! #Eastenders ".

A mystery man pulled up in the car with a special note

"And #EastEnders I hope Sonia is giving that car back. Gifts from patients? Of that value? With her history of stealing from charity?" added a third.

A fourth remarked: "Sonia gets a new car...from A patient? Umm you do actually need to declare gifts of a high value.

"All NHS trusts have a policy regard receipt of gifts of high value. Some chocolate, no big deal.

"A screechy big car, that’ll be a talking point. #EastEnders ".

Another revealed: "my nurse parents shouting at the TV that Sonia shouldn’t be accepting gifts and should be struck off #EastEnders ".

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