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EastEnders’ dirty dozen whose bad behaviour got them the chop as Jessie Wallace is suspended from the soap

JESSIE Wallace isn't the only EastEnders star to get herself in trouble with bad behaviour behind the scenes.

Here we take a look at the dirty dozen who were given the chop.

Danniella Westbook

NOTORIOUS drug addict Danniella Westbrook launched to fame as Sam Mitchell in the BBC soap back in 1990 when she was just 16.

She quit in 1993, but then was reintroduced 1995-1996 and in 1999-2000.

When Danniella first returned to the soap, she was struggling to cope with her cocaine addiction.

Her drug habit and lateness on set made it impossible for producers to keep her on the soap and she was written out.

During her time away, Danniella’s excessive use of cocaine had completely eroded away her nasal septum.

She was deemed so unreliable they even brought in new actress Kim Medcalf, 42, to play the role of Sam.

After being given a second chance

In 2009 producers decided to give her another chance – due to her on-screen chemistry with co-stars Sid Owen and Patsy Palmer.

Her return was her fifth appearance on the show after being written out twice, quitting once and then starring in two temporary stints.

But just two weeks later, bosses wrote her character out again because of a number of issues backstage.

Her behaviour was blasted as behaviour was too “unprofessional” after bringing her toyboy on set and arriving two hours late.

Melissa Suffield

TEENAGE actress Melissa was sacked for boozing when she was just 17 years old.

She played Lucy Beale from 2004 for six years until bosses saw snaps of her on Facebook pouting with a lollipop with the caption: "Suck me for pleasure."

It was claimed she was shown the door after being given a third and final warning.

Melissa didn't agree with her punishment and mocked soap producers online.

She blasted: "Sat in the green room at work, my last day very emotional!

"I was a naughty girl outside of work, well that's what they have sacked me for, pathetic!"

Melissa added: "It was in the rules and I did have 3 warnings... I'm gutted. But its all my fault."

Shona McGarty

BACK in 2012, Shona was suspended for her persistent lateness to work.

The actress - who plays Whitney Dean - joined in 2008 but had four weeks off without pay when she frustrated producers with her time-keeping.

Ricky Norwood

ARTHUR 'Fatboy' Chubb disappeared from our screens in 2014 after a video of actor Ricky leaked online.

It showed him smoking marijuana and allegedly performing a sex act on Skype.

He was suspended for two months but his contract was never renewed.

At the time, Ricky revealed how it affected his life. He said: "I went into deep depression; I didn't want to leave my house. I got suspended from my job for two months; I held my hands up.

"When it came to the end of the contract, it was end of the contract. Normally I'd get a renewal."

Khali Best

JUST a couple of months after being awarded Best Newcomer at the Television Awards for his portrayal of Dexter Hartman, Kahli was suspended from the soap for 12 weeks.

He had been fined for being late in the past, but after breaking the show's code of conduct Khali was given the elbow.

The bad behaviour is said to have been both backstage and outside of work.

Leslie Grantham

EASTENDERS' legend Leslie was axed in 2004 after graphic photographs were published of him exposing himself and masturbating via webcam from his dressing room.

He was dressed as Captain Hook at the time and spoke rudely about his fellow co-stars including Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace.

It was his second time appearing on the soap after returning from the dead as Dirty Den.

At the time Leslie said: "I am wholeheartedly ashamed of my behaviour and feel that I have let down my colleagues, as well as my friends and family."

Dean Gaffney

ROBBIE Jackson actor Dean was quietly written out of EastEnders last year after reported concerns over his behaviour.

His departure came after it emerged the 41-year-old had begged a stranger to send him sexy snaps.

The actor asked for pictures of dental nurse Theresa Hayman's boobs and bum.

Dean was said to be struggling after splitting from his long-term girlfriend.

Danny Dyer

EAST end hardman Danny was hailed as the saviour of the soap when he joined in 2013 as landlord Mick Carter.

But he plunged the soap set into chaos by angering bosses with his wild behaviour.

He was told to take a break from Albert Square and clean up his act.

The mouthy star went on a series of benders after trying to kick the booze, but stepped over the line after months of violent mood-swings on set.

Rob Kazinsky

SEAN Slater actor Rob was temporarily suspended from EastEnders in 2007 after allegedly bombarding a model with inappropriate texts.

Elaine Lordan

Ex-EastEnder Elaine, who played Kat Slater's sister Lynne Hobbs, was let go by the soap in 2004 after a battle with alcoholism.

Jean Fennell

JEAN played the original Angie Watts when the family arrived in EastEnders in 1985.

But within days she was replaced by Anita Dobson after being fired.

She clashed with BBC bosses after arguing about her character's style and presence in the soap and was told to leave after filming for just a week.

Jessie Wallace

JESSIE is the latest EastEnders star to be suspended from the soap for being drunk and abusive on set.

She will now spent the next two months away to sort out her issues once and for all - or risk losing her job.

Since arriving in the East End as the iconic Kat Slater, she's become one of Albert Square’s legendary female figures, up there with Peggy Mitchell, Pat Butcher and Dot Branning.

But her backstage behaviour has often mirrored that of her character's epic drinking sessions, fallouts, outbursts and breakdowns.

She was first suspended in 2005 for "drinking to excess and sparking adverse publicity".

Then 18 months ago she was sent home from the British Soap Awards before she even made the red carpet becuse she was too drunk.

After being caught boozing as the showpiece episodes were being filmed on a boat on the Thames this month, EastEnders bosses took immediate action and banned her for two months.

EastEnders’ Jessie Wallace ‘suspended from the soap after incident during filming'