Dunelm shoppers were besotted after spotting the retailer's "gorgeous" sofa bed online but the focus quickly turned to another detail in the image.

Last week saw all non-essential retail stores including clothing and homeware stores, betting shops, electronics stores and more finally reopen their doors after months of closure under lockdown rules.

To keep shoppers in the loop on what they can expect to find in stores, many retailers take to social media to provide product launch and stock updates.

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Homeware store Dunelm caused a stir online with a recent Instagram post.

To its 824K followers, Dunelm shared a photo of its green Elodie sofa bed, originally posted by @mishkashoe, and penned: "Let the late afternoon sun shine through the window, relax on our Elodie Sofa Bed and drift into a cheeky post-roast snooze."

The image was a hit, racking up more than 2,000 likes in a matter of hours - but shoppers were distracted by another detail featured in the picture. Sitting on the sofa is a plump black and white cushion - which is not from Dunelm - and it got shoppers talking in the comments section.

Janice said: "Is the black/white cushion from Dunelm?"

Dunelm replied, confirming the cushion was not a Dunelm product, and said: "Hello! Unfortunately this isn't a Dunelm product, I can advise to contact the photo owner for more information:) Thanks, Holly."

Lesley said: "Where’s the cushion from please."

Tania commented: "Cushion from dunelm??"

Louisa said: "Awe I spy cute cushion."

Sally said: "Is the cushion from @dunelmuk?"

Shopper Molly was able to identify the cushion and said: "@elleyhome is the cushion one of yours?"

Cushion designer Egle, who runs @elleyhome, replied: "yes it’s one of my cushions ;) its name Sandy."

Other shoppers were still suitably impressed with the sofa bed.

Rachy said: "Ohhhh I adore this sofa bed."

Kimberley said: "Looks so cosy."

One shopper commented: "I love this!!"

Claire added: "Gorgeous."