Dundee students are set to appear on University Challenge tonight for their second round match of the popular TV quiz.

The quartet - who beat rivals from Manchester’s Northern College of Music in round one earlier this year - will take on Reading University for a place in the quarter finals.

It was the first time a Dundee team competed on the TV quiz show in more than 30 years.

In their first appearance in September, host Jeremy Paxman told how Dundee students went all the way and actually won the competition back in 1983.

University Challenge presenter, Jeremy Paxman.

This year’s team was led by captain Barnaby Stonier, a PhD student from Winchester who was previously at Cambridge.

He was backed up by Dunfermline boffin and Anatomy student Conor Philip, while Dundee local and Pharmacology student Olivia Russell was also on the team.

The Scots uni squad built up a strong early lead while their musician opponents struggled.

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But the Manchester students fought back, leading to a nail-biting finish - with Dundee scoring a very creditable 145 points.

Uni principal Iain Gillespie praised the team after their success on the show.

He wrote on Twitter: “So incredibly proud of our wonderful university challenge team @dundeeuni. Brilliant!”

The uni tweeted: “Amazing result! Well done to both teams - it was a close match but we're so excited for round two!”

And their opponents from the Royal Northern College or Music said: “It was a close race but congratulations @dundeeuni on your win!”

Catch Dundee’s team on tonight’s show which is on BBC2 at 8.30pm

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