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Dumped Love Island star reveals secrets of the villa – including silent lunches, no clocks and secret extra drinks

MUCH more goes down in the Love Island villa than the scenes we see on the telly - and a former star of this series has well and truly dished the dirt.

Chuggs Wallis was one of the 2021 cast, but ended up being the second Islander evicted from the matchmaking series.

Yet despite failing to find love in the Mallorca compound, he emerged brimming with gossip.

The Surrey businessman has told how there are no clocks, ways to bag extra drinks and bans on some conversations completely.

Chuggs, 23, told Closer Magazine: "Weirdly, the cameras feel quite natural - they're like CCTV - but while the boys and girls are separated at lunch the producers will tell you to stop talking if you reveal any drama when there are no cameras rolling."

He could only estimate the girls take "about two hours" to get ready on an evening, as there are no clocks in the villa.

The Booby Buckets hat brand founder added of the ITV2 series: "I could have done with a couple of beers to relax but we can only have two drinks.

"Some contestants like Brad don't drink at all while others will pinch any spare beers going!"

I could have done with a couple of beers to relax but we can only have two drinks,"

Chuggs WallisCloser magazine

Chuggs concluded: "It's really well produced and the checks are so strict.

"We have sexual health checks, blood tests, and a psychological assessment.

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"They also talk to your family and friends to check you aren't hiding anything."


Previous Love Island alum Olivia Attwood has also let slip the hidden sex spots in the villa - as well as the brutal 4am dumpings.

The 30-year-old star shot to fame in the 2017 series of the ITV2 dating show, where she and ex Chris Hughes finished as runner-ups.

Olivia explained: "There aren't really any secret sex spots for people to go to.

"If you go upstairs during the day you could have sex in the toilet or wherever if you wanted it but I think the editing of the show has just changed.

"When you're in the bedroom, there's so many beds and so much noise from the camera run, the gallery, people whispering, you can do stuff under the covers without people knowing."

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Speaking to OK Online, the blonde beauty also opened up about the savage dumpings and re-coupling ceremonies - which can go on until the early hours of the morning.

She explained: "Some of the dumpings can take such a long time. We did some recouplings that went on until three or four in the morning. We wouldn't know the time but the producers would be telling us we had to go to bed because it was the early hours of the morning.

"They're awful, they're worse in real life. On TV, they fill the silences with music but it is so deadly silent, all you can hear is the crackling of the fire."

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