A 94-year-old was hit with a whopping £100 fine after he pulled over to ask where he could park his car.

Leslie Coleman arrived at East Midlands Airport at 1pm on November 23 to pick up his 63-year-old son who was flying in from Alicante.

He said: "I came to go into the airport and turn right at the island and went to see if there was a place to park.

"It was all red lines so I turned around and as I came out I saw a white van parked on some waste ground.

"I parked at the side of him and said 'could you tell me where is the best place to park?'

"He said 'go down to the island and use the Jury Inn hotel and park there."

He stopped at East Midlands Airport

But days later, he was slapped with a £100 parking fine for his exchange with the white van man, despite never parking up or picking up his son from that location.

"It is a disgrace," he said. "I am disgusted with it. It made me worry. I was not parking on the road. I think it is a money-making exercise."

His son, Philip Coleman, a bus driver, said: "He has not been to the airport for 40 years and did not know where to park

"He just stopped and asked. It is a total disgrace and made me so angry. 

His son Philip was the one he was collecting from the airport

"It was a £100 fine, we went to appeal and it was turned down. It is daylight robbery. It is a lot of money for anyone when it is an injustice."

The former miner appealed the decision but was unsuccessful, until Nottinghamshire Live got involved.

As a gesture of goodwill East Midlands Airport are going to cancel the parking ticket.

A spokesman for the airport said: "The safety of people visiting East Midlands Airport is of paramount importance and controlling the traffic flow across the airport site is key to this.

"Vehicles waiting in undesignated parking areas when dropping off and collecting passengers not only causes congestion, but is dangerous to both drivers and pedestrians. 

"For this reason, red-routed roads are enforced and 'no stopping' signage is clearly visible.

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"On this occasion, as a gesture of goodwill to Mr Coleman, we have cancelled the parking fine.

"All drivers dropping off and collecting passengers at EMA are advised to use the designated car parks and drop-off facilities.

"Ten minutes parking in rapid drop off costs £3, while 30 minutes in short stay 1 car park is £4.

"During the busier summer months (April to October), one hour’s free parking can be had in Long Stay 2."