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Do cicadas emerge every 17 years?

THE RED-EYED creepy crawlers are emerging from the underground, ready to sing their sci-fi-sounding mating calls.

But is this an invasion of Biblical proportions or much ado about nothing?

 Read live updates on the Cicada Invasion 2021...

Where will the Brood X cicadas emerge?

Cicadas emerge from underground every 17 years. Brood X — named for the Roman numeral 10 — cicadas will be emerging all over the United States.

The Brood X cicadas can be found from Georgia to Michigan, and some parts of the Eastern United States have already seen them emerge.

If your town saw a large infestation of cicadas back in 2004, there's a good chance you will see it again in 2021.

There's a live map where you can track where, and how, they pop up next.

When will the cicadas emerge?

They're already here.

Some counties in South New Jersey have already reported seeing cicada nymphs and cicada holes.

And that's the first sign that swarms of cicadas are about to emerge.

If you haven't spotted Brood X cicadas yet, expect to see them all throughout the months of May and June 2021.

Where did the Brood X cicadas go for 17 years?

Like good rock'n'roll music and gangsters who turn state's evidence, Brood X cicadas have been underground for the past 17 years.

There are 15 broods of cicadas that come out regularly.

Brood emergence ranges from 13 to 17 years.

And some broods of cicadas have gone extinct.

Do cicadas bite people?

They may sound — and look — like vicious space invaders, but cicadas are harmless to people and pets.

Be wary of Fido getting around them, however: dogs have been known to eat cicadas, which can give them a stomachache.

And if they burrow too deep into young trees, they can kill their branches.

But when cicadas die, they fertilize the trees they die in — and the tree often blooms back bigger and better the year after a cicada brood emergence.

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