A 'disgusted' dad-of-two found a needle in a field where he takes his kids to play football.

Shaun Ryder, 44, from Everton, was walking to work through a field on St Anne Street, in Everton on Monday, January 20, when he came across a needle discarded in the grass.

Shaun said he takes his sons aged six and seven, to play on their bikes and for a game of football on the field, which is an area popular with families.

However, since making the dangerous find on Monday, Shaun said he "definitely won't be taking the kids back there again".

Shaun told the ECHO: "I was walking through there on Monday to go to work because it's a cut through to get to town, when I saw it.

"It's a little walkway and field with a football pitch, I'm disgusted.

"Children play round there and now and again I take my boys there to play football and to ride around there on their bikes."

Shaun said: "It's wrong to leave that there where kids are playing there, it's not fair for kids to have to see that.

"I definitely won't be taking my kids back there now."

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Shaun said he has seen a group of adults in their 30s handing around "drinking and and taking drugs" on the field in the past.

He said: "There's normally around three or four adults there sitting under the trees using drugs and drinking.

"Now and again you see used condoms and empty cans of larger left there too."