A severely disabled man left in a 'heap' on a pub toilet floor after fittings gave way says he is angry after claiming Wetherspoons failed to take the matter seriously.

Spencer Watts lost the use of his legs in a bike accident when he was a teenager.

The 24-year-old has now been left with an damaged shoulder following the incident, which happened on Sunday evening in the White Ball Inn in Tiverton, reports DevonLive.

Having gone out for an evening with his partner, he went to the newly-refurbished disabled toilet.

But, while transferring himself from his wheelchair to the toilet, disaster struck.

"I went out for a quiet drink and a bite to eat and ended up breaking the toilet," he said.

"I knew that the disabled toilets had been done up and I went in to use it.

The toilet collapsed - and he was let with a nasty shoulder injury

"I went to transfer onto the toilet and used the grab handle and put my weight on it and it just collapsed. It made me fall to the floor because I was reliant on that to reach the toilet.

"I managed to drag myself back into my chair with a bit of a struggle. It was the initial shock of it though."

"The fixings in the handle were terrible – there was just an inch-screw which is scary. Whoever has done that clearly had no idea what they were doing. It literally just came away in my hand," he continued.

"I landed on my shoulder and elbow. I obviously use my shoulder a lot to move around on my wheelchair so I need to get it looked at."

Spencer lost the use of his legs at the age of 15 following a motocross accident.

He was critical of the response from Wetherspoons management, saying they failed to take the issue seriously.

Wetherspoons apologised and say they are in the process of fixing the toilet (stock photo)

Although he did eventually receive an apology, he feels they did not treat the issue with the respect it deserved.

"I went straight to the bar and asked to speak to the manager," said Spencer. "I waited a few minutes while they got him. He wasn’t very supportive.

"He said they were new toilets and up to regulations but I said they clearly were not.

"I am not a big guy and it could not take my weight.

"If it had been a big guy then who knows what would have happened? He just didn’t seem that interested. It took him a while to apologise but he did eventually. He was very abrupt.

"I am annoyed with how they dealt with it. I would like them to have supported me a bit more. They had a kind of ‘we’ll deal with it another day’ kind of attitude.

"I was quite shocked. I drink at Wetherspoons a lot and it wasn’t even busy – it is not like they didn’t have the time to look at it more closely."

Wetherspoon did reveal in April 2019 that the White Ball Inn would undergo a major overhaul, which included redoing the disabled toilets.

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The popular pub chain announced it would close for 10 weeks  as they spent £826,000 on the building.

Wetherspoon spokesperson Eddie Gershon said: “We are aware of the situation.

“As we understand it, the customer used the support rail to lift himself back onto the chair when the grab rail support came out from the wall.

“We apologise to the gentleman for this.

“We are in the process of sourcing a new support to be fitted in the toilet.”