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Deadwater Fell’s Cush Jumbo on how ‘scary, abusive’ Tom exerts control over Jess

Scary stuff

DEADWATER Fell has had viewers gripped ever since it aired on Channel 4 earlier this month, and now actress Cush Jumbo has spoken out about her character's experience.

The 34-year-old actress has revealed why she decided to take on the part, and what she has learned from the role.

In an interview with Stylist, Cush - who plays Jess Milner in the four-part drama - said she couldn't turn the part down.

When asked what attracted her to Deadwater Fell, she replied: "It was a page-turner. And the exploration of friendship between two women was interesting. About how adult friends can seem close but are they really?"

Deadwater Fell sees tragedy strike in a remote Scottish village when a fire rages out of control at the Kendrick home, killing a mother and her three young children.

Only the father Tom (played by David Tennant) survives but it emerges that all five were drugged.

The drama unfolds through the eyes of family friend Jess, who, like Kate, finds herself under Tom’s coercive control.

Discussing what she has learnt about that type of abuse, Cush explained: "With what happens between Tom and Jess, we begin to see that he’s done it before and become an expert.

"It’s scary to see how putting yourself in a situation with someone you trust can mean your defences are down and they can abuse that."

Tom comes to terms with the deaths of his family in episode 2 of Deadwater Fell

The third episode of Deadwater Fell sees the truth begin to emerge as everyone begins to question their role in the tragedy.

It's unsure whether or not David's character did start the blaze, but no doubt fans of the drama are going to find out very soon.

Deadwater Fell continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

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