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Daughter, 11, writes her mum a VERY detailed list to help her declutter their ‘untidy’ house

A HELPFUL daughter wrote down a very detailed list to help her ‘hoarder’ mum declutter their house, and it’s so thorough strangers are taking tips from her. 

The 11-year-old wanted to help her mum get rid of some stuff, inspired by Mrs Hinch, after their house became a bit overcrowded.

She produced an extensive list covering everything from clothes to crockery, to try and help her mum get rid of the excess mess. 

The schoolgirl listed 13 items her mum should start chucking away immediately, starting with odd socks. 

Other bits and bobs earmarked for the bin include out of date food, old razors, tubs without lids and old toothbrushes. 

The ruthless girl claimed any clothes which not only didn't fit, but didn't suit, her mum had to go, and she is only allowed to keep her "favourite" DVDs.

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The girl’s sister shared the colourful list to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, where she explained the little girl was trying to get her mum ‘Hinching’.

She wrote: “My mum and her untidy house. 

“My 11 year old sister made this to get my mum started on her hinching journey. 

“Our mother is in denial hoarder of everything... !!

“My sister does not want to grow up to be the same.

My 11 year old sister made this to get my mum started on her hinching journey


“She found this decluttering list so much fun to make and do on these rainy days we have had. (be kind she’s only 11).” 

The post has been liked hundreds of times, as Mrs Hinch fans praised the girl’s thorough list - vowing to take on board some of her advice.

One person said: “Well done, looks like she will be a great help to your mum.”

This mum asked: “How can I teach my 11 year old to have the same mind set.”

A third added: “I’ve screenshot this! gonna start tomorrow!”

Another raved: “That is fantastic I'm going to use this.”

Agreeing, this person added: “That's an excellent list. Some really good ones on there.”

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