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Danny Dyer asks ‘have you put whisky in baby Santiago’s milk?’ as Dani reveals he struggles to sleep

DANNY Dyer asked if his daughter had put whisky in baby Santiago's milk after she revealed he has been struggling to sleep.

The Love Island star admitted her nan had recommended the controversial remedy which was used in years gone by to calm babies.

Speaking on their podcast Sorted With The Dyers, the new mum, who welcomed Santiago into the world in January, said: "They don't know have a bed time. They don't know what day and night is.

"They don't produce melatonin yet, that thing to tell you when you need to sleep. That's why we have to help them sleep."

And her dad asked: "Have you put any whisky in his milk? Well thats what they used to do in the old days!"

"That's what nan said!" Dani replied.

"That's what she said, she said 'well just shove a bit of whiskey in his milk'."

A drop of whisky rubbed on babies' gums used to be used to sooth teething, while milk laced with whisky was also a remedy to help them sleep.

However, the baby sleeping tip is a myth that can do your baby more harm than good – what's more it's illegal and could land you in jail.

Meanwhile, when quizzed by a fan about losing her pregnancy weight, Dani revealed she's already knocked off 14lbs.

But she's in no rush to lose weight - and is instead focusing on her newborn.

"I've lost a stone!", said Dani.

"But I've got a long way to go. It's horrible when none of your clothes fit.

Dani Dyer reveals baby son Santiago has been 'acting weird' as she asks fans for advice

"I'm literally living in loungewear haha. But it's all worth it - I have my beautiful boy.

"I am trying to eat more healthy just so I do feel better in myself. But I'm not stressing too much about the weight.

"Being a mum is a full time job. My body can wait."

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