The increasingly louder alarm bells ringing over Covid-19 must wake up a ­dangerously complacent Government before widespread restrictions return.

The highest UK death toll since March, another 223 lost lives announced, and fresh daily infections again topping 40,000, are why the lack of official urgency is so worrying.

Booster vaccinations require an urgent booster campaign as protection from double jabs wane, so the Prime Minister, Health Secretary and trusted experts should emphasise the risk on televised press conferences.

Boris Johnson’s complacency cost ­thousands of needlessly lost lives earlier in the pandemic and a PM prioritising the economy is making a mistake both on health and financial grounds if he does not swing into action fast.

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This is not really about saving Christmas. It is about saving lives. Our lives.

Our green bill

When Boris Johnson views the ­environment as a flagship policy, the plans announced today were a leaky rowing boat with a single oar.

The substance did not match the spin and the Prime Minister lacks the commitment to deliver the radical change he talks about.

The Treasury avoiding public detailed ­costings is a tacit admission the bill will be high in the short term. But saving the planet for future generations is a price worth paying.

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Mr Johnson and the Tories never do more than pay lip service to sharing burdens.

Brain over us

Striking a blow for grey power at the young age of 95, the Queen was right to decline an award as Oldie of the Year when she said we are only as old as we feel.

When the monarch has received enough titles and awards to require a long letterhead, the refusal of another won’t cost her status.