THE Bishops of Carlisle and Penrith have both congratulated the newly appointed Archbishop of York.

The Right Rev Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford, will succeed Dr John Sentamu when he retires in June 2020.

Bishop Stephen is well known to the Bishop of Carlisle, the Right Rev James Newcome, and they both sit in the House of Lords.

“I’m currently in London preparing for the state opening of Parliament so it will be lovely to have the opportunity to see Stephen face-to-face in order to pass on my best wishes," said Bishop James. "My prayers are with him and his family as he prepares for the move north.

“I also give thanks for all Archbishop Sentamu has done to spread the gospel message in the Northern Province. We have had the joy of welcoming him to Cumbria on numerous occasions; his energy and enthusiasm for evangelism has been truly inspiring.”

The Bishop of Penrith, the Right Rev Dr Emma Ineson, recently provided a commendation for Bishop Stephen's forthcoming book.

“I was delighted this morning to hear the news Stephen Cottrell is to be the next Archbishop of York," she said. "I’m also today giving grateful thanks to God for the wonderful, faithful, fruitful service of Archbishop Sentamu in the Province.

“I have had the privilege of ministering alongside Bishop Stephen in several contexts over the years and know him to be wise, prayerful and approachable. He will be an excellent Archbishop of York, and I am very much looking forward to working with him and all God’s people to see God’s Kingdom come in the North!”

The news has also been welcomed by the Ven Vernon Ross, Archdeacon of Westmorland and Furness, who came to Cumbria from the Diocese of Chelmsford in 2016.

He said: “I know Bishop Stephen to be a missional bishop and an inspirational communicator with a passion for the gospel. It will be great to welcome him as Archbishop of York as he continues to build on evangelism and fresh expressions of church in the Province.”