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Couple with no DIY experience transform shabby 60s property into modern pad by watching YouTube & it’s worth 95k MORE

A COUPLE with no DIY skills painstakingly renovated their dated pad by watching YouTube tutorials - and it’s now worth £95k more than when they bought it. 

Lisa and Ed McDermott, from Dorset, bought their three-bed house in Bath in March 2019, for £355,000. 

The couple, who both work in marketing, snapped up the 1930s house, which hadn’t been updated since the 1960s. 

Lisa, 31, said it was the only way they were able to get on the property ladder in their dream location.

“We couldn’t afford to live in Bath unless we purchased a doer-upper and renovated it ourselves,” she said. 

The pair were determined to keep costs down by doing most of the work themselves, and over the next 21 months they painstakingly modernised and updated the entire property - including the garden. 

They were able to devote more time to the project after they were both furloughed last April, but their hard work paid off in the end after the couple had the house valued after the renovation - and found it was worth £95,000 more. 

The pair removed internal walls, did the plumbing, plastering, chased pipes into the walls and even ripped out the kitchen themselves to save money. 

They lived in the house throughout the entire project, as they slowly gave each room a makeover in their timeless neutral palette. 

Lisa and Ed, 32, who both work in marketing, knocked down four rooms downstairs to create their lavish kitchen-diner - the only part of the build they hired professional help for. 

She said: “We had three goals when we purchased the house – to enjoy it, to learn and to not spend more money than it was worth.

“We are so lucky that we didn’t have any disasters – the real challenge was the time it took us to research and learn as we didn’t know what we were doing on any of it so it really took a long time.”

The pair watched YouTube videos to learn their trades, with the kitchen the hardest part of the project.

It featured dated white cabinets, a drab brown floor and an archway, which they replaced with a kitchen island with sink, dark blue cabinets, bronze handles, a breakfast bar area and a dining table. 

Another room which underwent a massive transformation is the lounge, which previously featured green wallpaper, a pink fireplace and amber carpet.

They replaced the carpet with a neutral shade and ripped out the fireplace, replacing it with one Lisa found on Facebook for £25. 

Despite being frustrated by their lack of experience, they were determined to push through - and had to be creative to stick to the budget.

Lisa continued: “It’s so easy for costs to creep up – there is always something you want to add.

“We budgeted each part of the house and created a separate bank account for our renovation costs.

“The idea was that once the money is gone, it’s gone, so we knew that if we spent more on one thing, we would need to sacrifice something else.”

As well as the building work, they upcycled furniture to save money, with Lisa buying furniture on Facebook marketplace, which she then painted, including a dresser which she turned dark green.

And she used frames and Ikea mirrors to create a feature wall, and repurposed old pipes into a shoe rack. 

The garden didn’t escape their clutches, with the pair ripping out an old pond which was there, and adding decking to create an oasis outside. 

They finally finished last December, with the house now boasting three beds, one bathroom, a downstairs toilet under the stairs, a kitchen/diner, a lounge and an attic room.

While they ditched an additional dining room, toilet and utility room to create an open-plan layout. 

In total they spent £45,000 in the renovation, which they say would have been much higher had they not done most of the work themselves, with Lisa adding they saved £1,700 on the kitchen alone after getting it in a sale. 

The pair share their property journey on their Instagram page, with Lisa saying she wouldn’t rule out doing it again.

She added: “We would absolutely do it again and were actually sad when it was all done as we enjoyed it so much.

“We couldn’t have done it without the internet and the willingness of people sharing their skills and experience – and we have learnt so many skills over the past couple of years.”

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