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Council leader in Hartlepool reverts to independent role after Brexit

The leader of Hartlepool Borough Council, along with several other councillors who joined The Brexit Party last year, have left the party and returned to representing the Independent Union.

In September ten Hartlepool councillors, including leader Coun Shane Moore, defected to join The Brexit Party and agreed to form a pro-Brexit coalition with three local Tories.

Coun Moore, posting on his public Facebook page, said joining the Brexit Party was ‘to send a clear message to politicians to stop frustrating Brexit’ but the job is now done.

He added following the General Election and Boris Johnson delivering on his Brexit promise he therefore chose to return to representing the Independent Union.

Coun Moore said: “Back in September I made the decision to join the Brexit Party along with other Independent Union Councillors; making it clear that we wanted to send a clear message to our local MP and other politicians in Westminster that the people of Hartlepool wanted them to stop frustrating Brexit and get us out of the European Union.

“Following the result of the General Election Boris Johnson kept his word and delivered Brexit – Job done.

“Therefore as of 31st of January I returned to being an Independent Union Councillor for the Headland & Harbour Ward so that I can return to solely concentrating on local issues and continuing our record of delivery for the ward and wider town.”

Coun Moore acknowledged some would criticise the decision but reiterated he is committed to representing the Independent Union.

He said: “There will, I’m sure, be those who criticise me for this decision but they will be the same people who criticised me for pushing the Brexit cause.

“I will now go into the elections in May as a Hartlepool Independent Union candidate and should you re-elect me as one of your councillors I will remain as such until the day I hang my boots up.

“In the meantime I’ll continue to be a loyal public servant.”

Other councillors who joined The Brexit Party have also returned to representing their previous parties, with the majority becoming Independent Union councillors once again.

The Independent Union and Conservative Group will now again lead the council, as it did prior to the councillors defecting to the Brexit Party.

Along with Coun Moore, Councillors James Brewer, Tom Cassidy, Bob Buchan, Tim Fleming and Barbara Ward have all rejoined the Independent Union from the Brexit Party.

Coun Lee Cartwright has returned to being a Veterans’ and People’s Party representative after previously being with the Brexit Party.

Coun John Tennant, former Brexit Party MEP for the North East of England, remains listed as a Brexit Party councillor by Hartlepool Borough Council.