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Costa Coffee’s Christmas drinks menu includes Quality Street latte and After Eight hot chocolate

COSTA Coffee fans can sip on a Quality Street latte or After Eight hot chocolate this winter as part of the chain's Christmas drinks menu.

Available in stores from November 3, Costa has turned popular chocolates into festive drinks for the first time.

Lovers of The Purple One who always have to fight for their favourite Quality Street treat may want to give Costa's new £3.10 latte a go.

It comes with a caramel chocolate sauce and roasted hazelnut syrup, topped with a dairy swirl and drizzled with a caramel chocolate sauce.

Each latte also comes with a Purple One chocolate - perfect if you're worried there won’t be any left in the Quality Street tin.

If hot chocolate is more your thing, you'll be pleased to know that Costa Coffee is also launching After Eight and Terry's Chocolate Orange flavours.

Costa Coffee's Christmas drinks menu 2020

COSTA is releasing the following drinks as part of its Christmas 2020 range.

The After Eight version comes with peppermint syrup, a creamy topping and dusting of chocolate powder, as well as an actual chocolate thin.

While the latter features orange syrup, a dairy swirl and a glittery sprinkle, as well as a Terry's Chocolate Orange treat.

All drinks will be available in Costa Coffee stores nationwide, while the Terry's Chocolate Orange addition will also be available from Costa Express machines in Shell locations.

If you're on the go, you may also want to try Costa's new Quality Street Purple One hot chocolate, which will be available from Costa Express machines only.

The hot chocolate comes with a caramel chocolate Purple One sauce and roasted hazelnut syrup.

Costa is also bringing back customer favourites such as the Irish Velvet Frostino, the Black Forest Chocolate Frostino and the Hot Spiced Apple.

You can find the full Christmas drinks range at Costa in the box above.

The prices of the drinks start from £2.30, and they're available at Costa until the end of December.

If you're already planning what to buy, use the the Costa store finder to locate your nearest branch. Costa has more than 2,600 stores nationwide.

Earlier this month, Costa Coffee released details about its Christmas food menu, which includes a lobster toastie and After Eight muffin.

Costa recently also released details of its autumn menu and it includes a gingerbread latte.

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