Eagled-eyed Coronation Street viewers have pointed out a flaw in latest scenes which saw Max Turner escape the repercussions of stealing Daniel Osbourne's wallet.

The adopted son of David Platt has been testing his dad after he was accused of stealing by new teacher Daniel.

It came as tensions were already flaring between the teacher and student at Weatherfield High after Daniel told David he couldn't privately tutor Max.

But the incident soon spilled onto the cobbles between the neighbours, leading to Daniel launching to grab Max to search for his wallet just as David saw them.

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During Monday night's double bill of the ITV soap, viewers watched as David and Daniel sat down with Weatherfield High's new deputy head.

But it only lead to David getting more infuriated and wanting Daniel sacked.

He then went to the police, meaning Daniel had to be suspended as it was taken out of the school's hands.

However, Max was trying to use Daniel's bank cards at the Corner Shop which ended up being declined, fuelling Dev Alahan's suspicions.

Dev later relayed the information to David and despite the guilt, he pretended that the card Max was using was his.

Max was caught red-handed

But Corrie fans have spotted an error.

"Wouldn't the bank's fraud department know that someone has tried to use Daniel's stolen card? Also does Dev have CCTV? #Corrie," one tweeted.

Another said: "Won't the bank know if someone tried to use a card that's been declined and where it was used #Corrie."

"#Corrie Wouldn't the bank's fraud department know that someone has tried to use Daniel's stolen card?" a third asked.

A fourth commented: "At what age do school children get credit cards? + why didn't Dev check the name on the card?

David was furious with Max but still covered for him

"Daniel cancelled his card unlucky Max you thieving little s*** #coronationstreet #corrie," another laughed.

Back at home, David forced Max into handing over the wallet and made the decision to drop the complaint.

But Max seemed pleased that his dad lied for him and got him off the hook.

Shona, however, was less than impressed: "Nice one," she sarcastically mimicked her step-son.

"What did you want me to do? Watch him get expelled?" David asked.

"Now all you've done is shown him he can just get away with anything including stealing. Do you really think he'll behave now?" Shona blasted back.

Shona was unimpressed by David's parenting

This has led fans to spotting major changes in both Max and Shona.

"Max was never a bad kid so why now?" one asked.

Another said: "What’s happened to that nice lad Max in #Corrie I’ve watched him grow up on programme and suddenly he’s gone."

"My son, watching #Corrie with me says 'why did they turn Max into a thieving lying g**, he was a lovely young lad' my response, 'they turn them all evil so they do' @itvcorrie DO BETTER," a third fumed.

A fourth commented: "Strange how Shona has been talking sense lately, with this Max Storyline, normally she does and says the wrong things. #Corrie #coronationstreet."

Fans think Max and Shona are completely different

"Listen to Shona David. She speaks more sense then you do and she's just recovered from being shot #Corrie," another said.

A fan added: "Amazing how Shona has brain damage and is far more correct with everything than everyone else combined!*! #Corrie."

Corrie fans were shocked earlier this month a 'newbie' appeared in David's house.

Viewers were greeted by a brand new face as Max was being played by new star Paddy Bever who took over the role from Harry McDermott.

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