The day of Gary and Maria' wedding arrives - but in true Corrie style things are never straightforward.

For starters, both the bride and groom are late.

Having witnessed the closeness between his sister Sarah and Gary, David Platt tells the groom he needs to make a decision about which one of the two women he loves on next week's Coronation Street.

Meanwhile Sarah also has a decision to make, asking herself if she still has feelings for Gary or does she want to try and make her marriage to Adam Barlow if he'll have her back.

But does Gary love Maria or Sarah?

Elsewhere Tim Metcalfe also makes an important decision.

When he finds out about how his dad Geoff spoke to his wife Sally he tells his dad they're going away to stay with Gina for a while.

Sadly disaster strikes for mechanic Abi when she decides that she does want to say goodbye to the twins before they head off on their new life to Australia.

Abi is trapped

When Kevin leaves her alone in the garage, a car engine slips trapping her arm.

Meanwhile Seb tries desperately to get hold of Abi believing she has let them down again.

And there's a blast from the past in the form of a letter to Eileen Grimshaw from her missing son Todd demanding £1,000.

His ex Billy Mayhew insists Eileen should know but Sean Tully hatches a plan to see if it really is Todd.

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He texts Todd and is shocked when he gets a reply asking for the money to be hidden in Victoria Gardens. Having planted a bag of fake cash, Billy, Sean and Mary Taylor watch to see if Todd will turn up.

And there are uncomfortable scenes as sex worker Nicky arrives for her appointment at Daniel Osbourne's flat. 

She’s taken aback to discover he’s cooked them a meal, and as Daniel hands her Sinead’s cardigan, Nicky masks her discomfort.

Telling Daniel that his time is up, Nicky suggests that he’d be better off talking to friends and family rather than wasting his money on her.

But as she leaves, it’s clear Daniel’s only got eyes for Nicky.