Coronation Street fans think Amy Barlow has rumbled Curtis Delemare by asking one question.

The teen was excited during Monday night's double bill as half-sister Emma Brooker asked her to be her bridesmaid.

Barmaid Emma is getting stuck into planning for her and Curtis' Christmas ceremony.

But her husband-to-be doesn't seem too keen on the planning, or having a big wedding.

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Early in the episode, Corrie viewers saw Emma and Curtis discussing wedding venues with Debbie but as Emma begins to get carried away, Curtis explains that it’ll be a small wedding as he doesn’t get on with his family and his only mates are abroad.

Later, as Emma went over to her dad Steve's house to give Amy the good news about her role in the wedding, Amy begins to ask questions about the guest list.

Emma asked Amy to be her bridesmaid

"There's nobody I really want there apart from you," Curtis romantically tells Emma.

But when Emma asked if he wanted to invite his med school pals, he said they were "too square."

With a raised eyebrow, Amy asked her future brother-in-law: "Haven't you got many mates?"

"Yeah, I've got like two really good mates but they work abroad. I don't really get on with my family, so it'll be her side..." he replied before Amy quickly lost interest.

Amy had a question for Curtis

Undeterred, Emma later tells Steve how she plans to surprise Curtis by secretly inviting his family to the wedding.

And it has already been revealed that the first of Curtis' lies will be exposed this week when his dad, Neville, arrives on the street.

@penniless_poet tweeted: "Wonder if Amy will find out what Curtis is hiding? #Corrie."

Fans still aren't sure about Curtis

#Corrie Alarm [bells] If a guy says all I want at our wedding is you. I haven’t got any family, oh my best mates are abroad then he’s definitely a wrongen , even Amy’s clocked it," @JennySunshine18 said.

@AndyGibsonTV added: "I don't even think Curtis Delamere is his real name. #Corrie #CoronationStreet."

"Dodgy Curtis will let poor Emma down. He’s obviously hiding something#corrie," @MeeshyJay commented.

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