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Coronavirus: Foreign Office staff tricked Chinese officials so Brit could flee Wuhan with newborn son

A BRITISH dad says quick-thinking Foreign Office staff tricked Chinese officials so he could escape from coronavirus-ravaged Wuhan with his wife and newborn son.

Michael Martin feared the tot would not be allowed to board last week’s rescue flight as he has Chinese citizenship.

The family were also using the baby’s birth certificate as identification.

Mr Martin, who has lived in Wuhan for nine years, said: “I was later told one of the FCO officers held back my son’s birth certificate in case the Chinese officers wouldn’t accept it.

"I am so thankful for this quick thinking.”

"It was very stressful. It was a risk even taking my baby outside, but we were willing to try to get out of Wuhan.
"We were already worried about him flying so young, plus the fact we may be flying with someone infected."

The family are currently in quarantine at Arrowe Park Hospital, Merseyside.

Nearly 100 people are being kept in isolation there.

Mr Martin said: “We really feel safe here.”

Kharn Lambert, a PE teacher, who has lived in Wuhan for the last five years, told Sky News: "It's quite weird being home but not being home, and also being locked in - almost like being back in Wuhan really - where we can't get outside certain perimeters and go further, so it's a bit of a weird feeling really.

"Everybody is in good spirits," he added.

"As you can imagine, it's not the best of circumstances but we're all trying to keep our spirits high.

"We're playing jokes on each other, we're having a laugh when we have the chance to see each other."


A Chinese baby boy has been born inside a coronavirus quarantine zone with both his parents feared to carry the deadly disease.

Medics dressed in hazmat suits have delivered the 7lb 11oz boy at Wuhan Union Hospital on Saturday.

The Wuhan hospital's isolation unit, inside the quarantined Hubei province, is the designated national location for pregnant coronavirus patients.

As a result, medics such as Doctor Song have been sent from numerous other provinces to assist with the influx of people.

The new mother has been held in isolation as a suspected carrier of the deadly virus, while her husband remains in quarantine after he was diagnosed.

Pictures from inside Wuhan Union Hospital, one of the facilities on the front line of the viral outbreak in Central China's Hubei Province, show the newborn boy in the arms of Doctor Song Bo.

The doctor said: "The child is healthy and everyone is very happy,” explaining the baby boy would be transferred to Wuhan Children's Hospital for further tests.

He added: "As a father-of-two myself, it's been tough being on the front line day and night, but we're all so excited to see this new life.”

"I believe we will win the fight against this disease."

Anthony May-Smith was isolated in Oxford after being repatriated from Wuhan following the coronavirus outbreak