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Coronavirus cleaner in hazmat suit and ‘Star Wars stormtrooper’ mask disinfects GP surgery

A CLEANER in a hazmat suit and a face mask like a Star Wars Stormtrooper was filmed spraying a GP's surgery after a patient turned up with suspected coronavirus.

The clinic is one of at least 12 forced to shut its doors after the deadly virus reached the UK.

The cleaner, using a portable machine that sprays a virus-killing solution, works for Bio Decon, a company contracted to decontaminate against possible coronavirus infection.

The firm, headed by ex York City player Andy McMillan, had its first Public Health England contract when it sterilised the UK's coronavirus "ground zero" – a single hotel room at the Staycity hotel, used by two coronavirus patients.

They use ionised hydrogen peroxide called SteraMist to decontaminate the room. The new solution is also used in Singapore. BioDecon then use "enzyme indicators" to guarantee that the room is sterile.

McMillan’s company says they can have hospital wards reopened within 20 minutes of being decontaminated, rather than the minimum seven-day wait that is the norm.

The York-based firm claims to have been used by the NHS, as well as the Ministry of Defence and the Metropolitan Police.

The company revealed the room returned back to "operational order" following the visit.

However when approached for comment by The Sun, Mr McMillan declined to provide any further details about where the GP surgery was.


So far 12 GP surgeries have been closed in the UK due to fears of contamination. Surgeries in Islington, Surrey, Somerset, Brighton, Berkshire, Sussex and Northamptonshire have all been decontaminated in the past month.

Nine patients have been diagnosed in this country but only one, a Chinese woman who took an Uber to A&E in Lewisham, is still in hospital.

Leading scientists and health authorities have said that they expect more cases to come up in the coming weeks.

The latest figures show the coronavirus is roughly 20 times deadlier than seasonal flu.

More than 73,000 cases have been recorded across the world and almost 1,900 patients have died.

Cleaners dressed in protective gear were also spotted in London disinfecting a 37-storey tower block after a resident with a fever was escorted to hospital in an ambulance.

China deploys remote-controlled mini-tanks used to disinfect areas hit by Coronavirus