Sally Ann Matthews has teased that more of her Coronation Street co-stars are involved in her upcoming stunt scenes.

Jenny and Johnny Connor are set to become trapped below the cobbles as Debbie Webster's Horror Nation Street event turns into a real-life horror story for several of Weatherfield's residents.

As everyone excitedly choose their Halloween costumes, no one spots the ominous shifting of earth around the Platt's sinkhole that appears to be caused from the barrels being delivered to Debbie's beer tent.

Over at the Rovers, Jenny is enjoying a new relationship with toyboy, Leo, but is stunned to learn that her ex-hubby Johnny has plans to leave Weatherfield.

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The former couple later bump into each other in the beer tent and Jenny tells Johnny she hopes he isn't leaving because of her.

But the Rovers landlady becomes distracted by her worries about Leo's safety as he's alerted to a problem he thinks has been caused by the sinkhole.

As she searches for him in the pouring rain, the ground literally opens up beneath her and a desperate Johnny is determined to save her and edges ever near the giant sinkhole.

However, speaking about the upcoming scenes, Sally Ann suggested it isn't just her and Johnny involved.

Johnny comes to Jenny's rescue

"Because we were bubbled, and because of where we shot it at Space Studio, this was the first time in about 18-months we saw every other department and we really worked as a team for the first time in that length of time," the Oldham-born actress told press including the Manchester Evening News.

"And also, to be able to get close to Richard [Hawley, who plays Johnny] again was just a joy and to work with other people closely who Jenny doesn’t usually interact with."

She teased: "There are other people Jenny interacts closely with and that was really lovely.

"I’m great friends with them off-set but I very rarely work with them on-set. So that was really nice.

"It was just a brilliant experience. Knackering, but brilliant."

Spoilers released ahead of the week of drama - dubbed "Super Soap Week" - suggest Shona Platt could be the one to answer Jenny and Johnny's cries for help.

THe incredible scenes, which also include a face-off between Abi Franklin and Corey Brent, a car crash for the Alahan's and Harvey Gaskell returning to the cobbles in search of Leanne Battersby, were filmed during day and night shoots over three weeks.

Will Jenny and Johnny survive?

And Sally Ann says she and Richard spent six days in the water at Space Studios in Manchester where the intricate underground sewerage system that makes up half of the action was designed and built,

But being stuck in water filming for six days came with its problems.

"We had wetsuits on then clothes on top," Sally Ann explained. "It was a monumental effort getting to a loo, let me tell you that much.

"But by the time we got to day three, everybody in the pool was a lot more familiar with each other, let’s say that."

There was, however, a more serious side.

"The bizarre thing is as well, you don’t realise how quickly you dehydrate in that situation,” Sally Ann explained.

"So we drank and drank and drank.

"We were in the wet shaft and there’s a hole that you have to swim through and every time the director said cut, two hands would appear like Thing from The Addams Family holding drinks for Richard and I."

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