Coronation Street fans were left questioning the same thing as the soap's major stunt week began.

The ITV show started with a dramatic scenes as on Monday night's double trip to Weatherfield two disasters struck.

On the episode, Debbie Webster's House of Horrors event began - but something more sinister in real life was just about to happen.

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Viewers soon saw Dev, Asha and Aadi Alahan break down in torrential rain on a country road, only for a prison van carrying Harvey Gaskell to plunge into them.

As Harvey emerged from the van, Kevin Webster arrived with his pickup truck.

But before he could do anything to help, he was whacked over the head by Harvey as he got on his way and headed for the cobbles.

Dev and Aadi eventually come round in the wreckage of their car but as Aadi pleaded for his dad's help, the corner shop owner rescued his unconscious daughter.

Corey and Abi came face-to-face in the House of Horrors
Corey and Abi came face-to-face in the House of Horrors

As he went back to help his son, their car burst into flames leaving fans to wonder if Aadi got out on time.

Meanwhile, after a failed attempt of confronting him at his home, Abi Franklin came face-to-face with her son's killer Corey Brent.

As he tormented her, Abi eventually pulled out a gun. Not believing it was real, she fired a shot at a glass mirror leaving the footballer fearing for his life.

But suddenly, as Abi had her finger on the trigger, the ground gave way and they ended up below ground in the Victorian sewer.

Despite all the action, however, Corrie viewers were confused and were asking the same question.

"Do they even know that Halloween is practically a fortnight away?" one said.

Another commented: "I'm confused as to why it's Halloween on 18th."

"Why we having Halloween 2 weeks early," a third asked.

A fourth echoed: "Have I missed something? Why are they celebrating Halloween 2 weeks early."

But Corrie said in response to one: "It's part of the event Debbie is putting on."

There is plenty more drama to come this week as ITV puts on its big Super Soap Week.

And it has already been confirmed that at least one Weatherfield resident will lose their life.