A man has been showing his love for his community by baking bread for his neighbours and going shopping for the most vulnerable in his street.

Jamie Johnson, 22, who lives in Caldwell Green, Darlington, posted a letter to all of his neighbours telling them that if they needed medication or food he would go out and get it for them.

Earlier in the week, he baked bread for the 27 houses in the street.

Jamie, who lives with his husband Grant, said: “Everyone knows me on the Green. I’m quite a lively, chatty character and we all know each other, so I thought I would be nice and support people and give them loaves of bread and cakes to everyone. So that they all know they’re not on their own.”

He also bought a floodlight, which shines a blue light on his house in support of NHS workers.

Jamie is a manager at a local convenience store.