Ashley Cooper

Owner of the world’s only climate change photo agency. Photographer and author of Images From a Warming Planet..

Describe a typical Christmas Day in your household

Wake up, exchange stocking of gifts with Jill which must come in under £10.

After breakfast go for a walk. If the weather is good, get out on the high tops, if not a lower level walk.

Prepare Christmas dinner, which is normally ready early evening, then enjoy a feast of fine food and drink. Sometimes the day involves friends or family spending the day with us. At other times it will just be the two of us.

Which was your best Christmas – and why?

The year we went up Pike o' Blisco and pulled out into blue skies and sunshine above a temperature inversion. Only the top 30 feet of the peak was clear and we had spectacular views and Brocken Spectres.

Who do you think would make the most entertaining guest to invite to Christmas dinner (dead or alive) – and why?

For me it would be Chris Packham, as we have so much in common with a love of photography wildlife and the natural world. He is an incredible ambassador for wildlife.

What was your best Christmas present as a child?

A bridge that my dad had made for my model railway set. Even from a young age, I could appreciate that someone spending time and effort to make something has intrinsically massively more value, than just buying stuff.

What is your favourite carol or Christmas pop song – and why?

Fairy Tale of new York by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl

What is your favourite festive ramble for walking off all the mince pies and turkey?

Doesn’t really matter as long as it gets us out on the fell. In the past it’s been Red Screes, Wansfell and the Langdale Pikes.

If you could spend Christmas Day anywhere in the world, apart from at home, where would it be – and why?

This Christmas I am going to be away working in Antarctica for 5five weeks. Having done a couple of trips down there I know it will be an amazing place to spend Christmas day, among the spectacular wildlife and scenery.

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