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Chips are the food to make Brits happiest, study finds


THE secret to true happiness is . . . the humble chip, a poll has revealed.

Asked to say which foods turn them from “hangry” — hungry and angry — into calm and satisfied, most adults said the fried spud snack was their No 1 go-to choice.

Both men and women — who were surveyed separately — voted chips top of the league.

Pizza came a close second for ladies, followed by fish fingers, but that was switched round for the chaps.

Curry lovers will be surprised to find their favourite food came only in eighth position.

Pub and restaurant chain Hungry Horse, which did the study, said: “One in four of us see chips as the ultimate cure.

“There’s no feeling quite like having a portion of chips in front of you when you’re hangry.”

Ben Jenkins, 39, of Norwich, said: “When I’m down and need a pick-me-up, I don’t turn to alcohol, I have a bag of chips.

“Even the thought of them makes me happy.

“One of my happiest times is walking along by the sea with a big bag of chips covered in salt and vinegar — and then all the world seems like a good place to be.”

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