A child abuser squeezed a screaming baby’s face for almost two minutes in a bid to get the infant to quieten down, it is claimed.

Jonathon Rodriguez, 29, reportedly attacked the infant after being left with the three month-old by her mother in Pasco County, Florida, on October 24.

Asked about the abuse, Rodriguez allegedly told deputies from Pasco County Sheriff’s Office: ‘I have never been so frustrated in my life.’

He is said to have told deputies how he held the baby for 90 seconds to two minutes before letting go and saying ‘Please just stop, just stop!’

The baby cried for another 20 minutes before calming down.

When the mother returned six hours later, she confronted Rodriguez about newly-formed bruises on her baby’s face.



He initially denied any knowledge of them.

The mother was unconvinced, and took the baby to hospital.

Doctors told her the little girl had not been seriously injured, but the mother was so upset she then took the baby to Pasco’s Kid’s First Protection Team.

Staff there confirmed the baby had been abused, according to the Miami Herald.

They said: ‘This is a non-accidental inflicted injury and represents physical abuse…

‘The history is concerning in that the child was truck or grabbed with such force that bruises were left to the area.’

Deputies from Pasco County Sheriff’s Office then spoke to Rodriguez, who denied any wrongdoing.

He was arrested on Wednesday, and then admitted causing the bruises, it is claimed.

Rodriguez has now been charged with child abuse.