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Cheltenham Dripper to Pasty Barm – Britain’s culinary guilty pleasures revealed

ACROSS Britain there are fatty local dishes dreamed up well before the idea of calorie counting existed.

Yesterday we revealed how Middlesbrough Council faced a backlash for promoting the town’s deep-fried parmo and chips.

Weighing in at 2,600 calories, the recipe contains more than an adult’s recommended daily intake.

But it is not the only regional delicacy that could give the health experts a heart attack.

There is the lard-heavy Cheltenham Dripper, Bolton’s speciality sandwich known as a pasty barm, and east Scotland’s battered meat called Red Pudding.

We look at the most guilty of culinary pleasures from across the UK – and reveal how just many calories they really have.

Pasty Barm - 970 calories

IN Bolton, this popular carb-heavy delicacy is a pasty wedged between two slices of bread.

Ten years ago the Pasty Barm was voted locals’ favourite snack, and boxer Amir Khan said he would introduce it to his American wife.

It is thought to have been invented by hungry schoolboys in the Fifties.

Bedfordshire Clanger - 1,200 calories

THIS is a pasty filled with meat, potatoes and onions, and the pastry is made using hardened animal fat.

It is perhaps no surprise that the name comes from the term clangy, meaning heavy.

Similar snacks are to be found in neighbouring Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Red Pudding - 550 calories

A DEEP-fried dish enjoyed in chip shops along Scotland’s east coast, Red Pudding is essentially meat coated in batter.

The choice of filling tends to be a mix of minced beef, bacon and pork, including suet, beef fat and pork rind.

Its red centre comes from colouring and spices.

Fat Rascal - 315 calories

THIS scone-like cake goes back to the 15th century, but only got its Fat Rascal name in the Eighties.

The Yorkshire favourite is fattening because the two main ingredients are butter and cream.

It also contains dried fruit, eggs and flour and is often decorated with some glace cherries and almonds.

Cheltenham Dripper - 400 calories

THIS is Gloucestershire’s version of the Lardy Cake, which is baked in the southern counties of England.

As the name suggests, lard is essential to this delicacy, as is plenty of butter, flour and sugar.

It can include raisins or sultanas, but many believe fruit has no place in a traditional Cheltenham Dripper.

Pond Pudding - 500 calories

OFTEN known as Sussex Pond Pudding, the heart of this dessert is the butter and sugar.

It is sealed with a suet lid, which is a hard, white fat from animals.

Generally, an apple or lemon is placed in the middle, before it is slow- boiled or steamed. It is served with cream or custard.

Laver Cake - the one that's fairly healthy

THE two main ingredients of this Welsh breakfast are very healthy.

But the way laver seaweed and oatmeal are cooked, using lard or bacon fat, undercuts those benefits.

Eaten as far back as the 1600s, fried bacon is often added to offer an even more hearty start to the day. Or it is eaten as a side dish with roast meats.

Parkin - 370 calories

THIS relative of gingerbread cake is popular in Yorkshire and Lancashire and is often devoured on Guy Fawkes night.

Thought to have first been made in the 18th century, ingredients are black treacle, flour, oatmeal, ginger and lard.

The Lancashire version is more likely to use golden syrup.

Rumbledethumps - 360 calories

IF you are ever in the Scottish Borders you might find this take on bubble and squeak cooking on a hob.

What marks it out from its English counterpart is the addition of onion and calorific melted cheese.

The name comes from the noise the potato and cabbage make when they hit the frying pan.

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