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Brits 2020: Harry Styles and Lizzo’s flirting sends fans wild as she kisses his hand

HARRY Styles and Lizzo sent fans wild as she kisses his hand at the Brit Awards 2020.

The audience was stunned after Lizzo's incredibly energetic melody of songs and Harry's emotional performance of his single Fallen.

But once the dust settled, presenter Jack Whitehall entered the crowd to have a chat with Lizzo - causing the pair to flirt up a storm.

First she told Jack Whitehall that she was "lost in his eyes," then got the attention of Harry, who was dressed in a flamboyant yellow suit with a purple cravat.

Jack said: "I'm now dead to her. Harold back off."

Lizzo replied: "You said you were jealous," she then pulled the former One Direction singer closer to give him a hug, before kissing him tenderly on the hand.

Jack then concluded: "I was a little jealous when I watched it. I thought if you wanted an Englishman maybe you wanted something a little more mature, a little posher.

"Oh my god, I'm so jealous, back off Styles!"

Later on, Jack went to chat with Harry, which caused Lizzo to interrupt once again.

The comedian tasted Harry's drink and was disgusted to find out it was a wine glass of tequila.

Then Lizzo decides to jump straight in and down the whole thing.

Harry tugged on heartstrings with his performance of single Fallen earlier on.

Despite missing out on Best British Album and Best British Male Solo Artist, he had the audience in tears as he sang.

His performance comes after Harry was mugged at knifepoint while on a night out on Valentine's day.

He is said to have handed over cash to the thug but was unharmed in the robbery.