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British fans drink Las Vegas dry in Tyson Fury world title celebrations as beer runs out following brutal Wilder KO

AN army of 20,000 jubilant British boxing fans drank Sin City dry on Sunday as they celebrated Tyson Fury’s world title victory.

As soon as Fury, 31, finished serenading the crowd with American Pie, supporters were on the lash on the Las Vegas strip.

Hours later, the party was still raging — but the beer had run out.

One well-oiled fan said: “First they sold out of Guinness and now they’ve sold out of lager. I don’t think they’re used to how much we drink. We’ve drunk the place dry.”

Gypsy King Fury — who could next face fellow Brit Anthony Joshua — joked about having “a couple of glasses of water and a slice of pizza” after his technical knockout victory over Deontay Wilder, 34.

But Tyson was also in high spirits, turning up at the after-party at 2am US time.

Fan John McMullan, 22, said: “It was loud and noisy. He sang and he danced. He was up and down on the stage.

“We drank the bar dry — it was carnage. I don’t think Las Vegas has seen a party like it before.”

Outside there were reports that drunken fans were falling in the famous dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel.

One taxi driver said: “I’ve been doing this job 20 years and never seen celebrations like this. This city just loves that gypsy.”

The newly-crowned WBC heavyweight champ arrived at celebrations wearing the emblazoned suit he wore for the post-fight presser, as well as the green tie he had nicked off WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman.

As former One Direction star Liam Payne sang on stage, Fury wrapped himself up in a Union Flag before dancing with his stunning wife Paris.

He then took the mic to entertain his hundreds of fans, including a rendition of the now classic boxing anthem Sweet Caroline.

Fury also sang 'There Were Three Bronze Bombers In The Air' to the tune of the controversial Ten German Bombers - a chant made by England football fans during their bitter rivalry with Germany.

But he swapped the lyrics to celebrate his win against American Wilder, who goes by the nickname the 'Bronze Bomber'.

The 31-year-old condemned the original version of the song last June when a fan sang it at his press conference ahead of his fight against German Tom Schwarz.

Also joining the heavyweight king was brother and Love Island star Tommy and Towie legend Mark Wright.

But there didn't appear to be any sign of Conor McGregor, despite Fury inviting him out to get "smashed out of his f***ing face" after the fight.

The Brit was sent a bottle of McGregor's Proper Twelve as a gift before the massive, and ultimately successful, rematch.

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