Your wedding day is said to be one the happiest days of your life, and many couples can be seen grinning from ear to ear in their wedding photos.

But what if your natural response to being overwhelmed with joy is to burst into tears?

That’s what happened to one woman on TikTok, who went viral for sharing videos and photos from her wedding day which show her hysterically sobbing in all of her pictures.

Megan Livingston, @Megan_livingston, posted one video in which she called for people to “normalise girls crying down the aisle on their wedding”, and shared a video of her bawling her eyes out as she made the walk with her father to meet her groom.

Megan isn't ashamed of having shed tears on her wedding day (


She wants to normalise women showing joy in different ways (



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And while she had hoped people would enjoy her emotional wedding footage, she has since had to make follow up videos explaining the details of her relationship – after people thought she was crying because she was forced into the marriage.

In one video, Megan said she felt “good” about her wedding and thought the content she posted was “cute” before people told her they thought her wedding was part of an “arranged marriage” because of her tears.

And in another, Megan explained: “You mean I went viral for crying down the aisle, and now I have to explain that it wasn’t an arranged marriage?

Megan insists she did not have an arranged marriage (


She told her critics that her tears were ones of "joy" (



“Not arranged. I was not forced to get married. I was happy, they were tears of joy.”

In a later video, Megan posted a quick update for people who had followed her TikTok account after the initial post went viral.

She said: “I got married at 21 on September 12, 2020.

“Yes, I cried down the aisle, but I was happy.

“I did not have a forced or arranged marriage.

“I cried tears of joy and am in love with my husband.”

One person wrote on one video: “Okay so what the hell is everyone freaking out about? I would cry too, my husband is the love of my life.”

While someone else said: “I tried holding it in so badly that I started sobbing uncontrollably walking down the aisle after the ceremony. People thought I had changed my mind.”

And a third posted: “Why do people judge? It was your wedding not theirs. If they don’t like it, they can get over it.”