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Bride slammed for begging the internet to date her single pal because he ‘needs someone to bring to our wedding’

A BRIDE has been slammed for begging the internet to date her single pal, because he "needs someone to bring to our wedding".

Posting on a Facebook group called 2022 Brides, the engaged American said she was "trying to play matchmaker" because it was "more fun than wedding planning".

She asked: "Does anyone have any single girl friends in the philly/ Jersey area?!

"Our friend needs a date for our wedding. He is really my fiance's friend but he is super nice and hilarious!

"He is 31, has a job and a side job and his own house! He also has an adorable lab who he cares for so much it's adorable!

"Let me know if anyone is interested (crying with laughter emoji). He's been having such bad luck finding girls and we feel bad for him!"

The post was shared on Reddit's Wedding Shaming forum, under the topic "foul friends".

The Facebook callout included pictures of the potential date, but they've been cropped and blurred here to protect his identity.

Commenting on the plea, people called it "disgusting", "so embarrassing" and "completely f***ed up and humiliating".

Others accused the bride of "single shaming" her fiance's pal and asked why he couldn't just come to the wedding alone.

One person commented: "I'm perpetually single, and if someone did this to me, I'd be beyond humiliated.

"I get it. I'm single and I can't find anyone to love me. No need to broadcast it all over the f***ing internet."

While a second wrote: "This is disgusting. 'We feel bad for him!'

"Girl, I only feel bad for him bc (because) he has friends who think being single is something to be sad about and take it upon themselves to publicly shame him for living his life as a single man."

Others said: "Way to make your fiance's friend look pathetic and incompetent" and "I wonder if he is still going to the wedding after this".

One Redditor wrote: "Wait, there's people who enforce to have a date to go??? I wouldn't be able to go to any weddings then".

Another asked: "Does the person in the OP want a date(let alone people begging for one for him)? If someone did the above to me(not for me, to me), I'd be furious."

And a commenter concluded: "I mean it seems like her intentions are to do something nice, but... there's a lot wrong here unless they got his permission to do this."

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