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Brexit news latest – Theresa May says she won’t support Internal Market Bill and claims govt is behaving ‘recklessly’

THERESA May has said that she won't support the Internal Market Bill - and claims the government is acting "recklessly".

In a speech in the House of Commons last night, the former PM warned the Bill could damage the UK's reputation internationally as debate continues in Parliament over the controversial legislation.

It comes as experts say that Britain could enjoy a major boom after Brexit as EU businesses swarm to the UK looking for a "bright future".

The Bruges Group director Robert Oulds declared post-Brexit Britain a remarkably appealing place for foreign investors - especially as the EU struggles with numerous problems.

Mr Oulds said: "What we will also see is more companies fleeing the EU for the UK."

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    Sir Keir Starmer is to stress Labour is “under new leadership” as he pleads with voters who switched allegiances under Jeremy Corbyn to return to the party.

    The Labour leader is set to address party members in his first party conference since becoming leader in the wake of its worst defeat in a general election since 1935.

    Sir Keir will pitch that by being “a credible opposition” and by “taking the job seriously” he can regain the electorate's trust.

    The address is specifically aimed at 'Red Wall' voters – who deserted the party at December's election, The Times reports.


    SNP Westminster deputy leader Kirsten Oswald described the Internal Market Bill as “ill-conceived, confused and very damaging”.

    She told the Commons: “This Internal Market Bill is a grubby power grab which we cannot and will not support, and this section as it stands will hang like a badge of dishonour around this Prime Minister's term of office, however long or short that might be.”

    Ms Oswald added: “At its heart, this Bill is ill-conceived, confused and very damaging, frightening like the UK Government, and neither of them deserve our support.”


    Mrs May said there were three reasons why she believed the Government's clauses 41 to 45 “are not necessary” and “have no place in this Bill”.

    The first, she said, was that “it's unnecessary”, adding there was an arbitration process available.

    She said: “The Government has acknowledged the existence of the arbitration procedure, but it's saying that it would enter into that in parallel with the operation of the elements of this Bill.

    “So the message it seems to me is very clear, which is if we don't like what the outcome of the arbitration panel is then we're going to break international law and we won't accept it.”


    The Liberal Democrats are set to drop the party's commitment to the UK's membership of the European Union, according to The Independent.

    The party's federal policy committee reportedly agreed a resolution over the weekend which means that rejoining the EU is no longer a formal goal.

    However, the decision is likely to spark fury among pro-EU activists in the party – who could table an amendment insisting on a commitment to rejoin.

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