A tornado has struck Surrey, leaving homes devastated and forcing residents to flee, locals claim.

Police have received numerous reports of trees down in Chertsey and have warned locals to drive with caution.

One resident captured the moment struck in dramatic CCTV, with fence panels torn away from his back garden by strong winds.

Eyewitness Chris Thornton told Surrey Live: “Initially it was just like this, a normal, calm day, but then out of nowhere there was this rushing noise that developed into a roaring noise.

“I looked out the window and there was rain going past horizontally and it only lasted for about a minute or so.

“I thought I better come out and have a look – it was just a scene of devastation.

“It’s taken off a part of my roofing felt on the garage. The wind must have been circling, it’s as violent a wind as I have ever seen.”

Philip Passey, 61, described the moment the tornado hit.

He said: “All of a sudden there was a huge roar and everything was flying around the garden.

“It was scary, I’ve never heard anything like it. My neighbour said he thought it was a tsunami, such was the roar.

“You freeze. You think you would run and hide but I just stood there watching. It’s afterwards that the shock sets in.”