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Boxing fans pelt Julio Cesar Chavez Jr with food and beer after he quits fight against Danny Jacobs

THIS is the dramatic moment furious boxing fans fought back after Julio Cesar Chavez Jr quit on his stool.

Crowds in Phoenix, Arizona, were left outraged when the Mexican decided he had enough after five rounds of his fight against Daniel Jacobs.

Chavez Jr, 33, initially cited a hand injury for the bizarre decision to pull out while his coached claimed he "couldn't breathe" with a busted nose.

Just 24 hours before he had thrown the main fight on the card in doubt by failing to miss weight by a whopping five pounds but last-gasp negotiations ensured the fight went ahead.

However he obviously wasn't fully prepared and the fans fully let their frustrations known.

After unexpectedly pulling out to a chorus of boos, he was then pelted with food and booze as he made his way out of the ring.

One man filmed the chaos unfold along with the caption: "Pandemonium as Chavez Jr leaves the ring. Bottles. Cans. Everything being tossed."

The reaction to the mess was summed up by his legendary father Julio Cesar Chavez who just sat and shook his head ringside.

Chavez Jr said after the fight: "I was getting close but got headbutted above the left eye.

"Then I had problems because of all the blood. I came over to the corner & couldn’t breathe.

"He elbowed me, & headbutted me. Very tough fight I felt I couldn’t go cause I couldn’t breathe properly.”

His opponent Jacobs added: "He quit on the stool.

"That was the biggest opponent I'd ever had in my career. I knew it was a matter of time until he got tired. I made investments to the body."

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