A bomb disposal unit has been called to a nuclear site in Cumbria after chemicals requiring specialist handling were found.

The chemicals were discovered during a routine inspection at the plant in Sellafield.

Sellafield says the incident is a conventional safety issue rather than a nuclear safety risk, but the site remains ‘non-operational’ while the chemical is disposed of.

The substance, identified as organic peroxide, is described as one ‘used for a variety of purposes across many industries’.


It was stored in the site’s Magnox Reprocessing Plant, which is segregated from the nuclear operations of the facility.

A statement posted to the GOV.UK website said: ‘During a routine inspection of chemical substances stored on the Sellafield site, a small amount of chemicals (organic peroxide) were identified as requiring specialist disposal.



‘This chemical is used for a variety of purposes across many industries.

‘In line with established procedures, support has been requested from Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD).

‘The EOD team is now in attendance at the Sellafield site and will dispose of the chemical safely.’

More to follow