Bolton Wanderers are on the road this weekend with a trip down to Fratton Park to take on Portsmouth.

Wanderers head to the South Coast this Saturday for a 3pm kick-off aiming to return to winning ways in League One.

The Whites ended a losing streak of three matches last time out when they came from behind last weekend against Gillingham to claim a point in a 2.-2 draw

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This weekend pits 13th against 16th in League One, in an encounter which has graced the Premier League in years gone by.

Ahead of the game, Wanderers manager Ian Evatt spoke to the media and here's a transcript of what he had to say to broadcasters.

No more surprise departures so far this week?

“No! We’re good. Football always throws curveballs at you and we had a tough, challenging week, of course, but over the course of a season and how long it is, you do end up having those weeks and it’s about how you overcome them.

“I thought they showed great character and spirit to come back on Saturday. I think two weeks ago, a fully confident team would have won the game comfortably, but credit to them that we stuck to our beliefs and got something out of the game.

"On Saturday, with five minutes more, I think we’d have definitely gone on to win it so we have to build on that positive feeling now.

“The group’s been really good this week. It’s been really encouraging. We did something together that we’ve not done for a long time on Tuesday.

"A bit of bonding for the lads. We went together, it was a good atmosphere, the lads were in good form so hopefully we take that into Saturday.”

It’s another long trip. You’ve had a few decent journeys recently?

“I’ve said this a lot. We’ve had a really challenging couple of months, fixtures wise, and I think throw into the mix the injuries we’ve had as well, I think we’ve had a bit of a rough ride but I feel similar to last season, I think we’ll bear the fruits to that in the second half of the season.

“For now it’s about getting back on that winning train and getting three points on Saturday.”

With what happened last season, in terms of looking towards January when the window opens up again, that preparation is already under way?

“100% it is and I always try and say it how it is to you guys and inform the fans as much as I possibly can, but all the decisions that are being made by myself and this football club are with a view of this football club improving and of course we’re looking to January and of course we’re making plans and prep to improve the squad and improve the team and again in the summer.

“Those conversations are already taking place. We just can’t fill you all in on the detail yet, but obviously when it comes to it you’ll see. We’re planning for the future, not just the here and now.

"Obviously we want to get the results here and now and I think sometimes football, the word perspective goes out the window, even with myself because I’m always looking at the next thing and how we can be even better.

“I think at this time last year, if you’d have offered us 11th or 12th in League One, I think we’d have all snapped their hands off. For now it’s about being calm, composed, making the right decisions at the right time for this football club and then going on to win games consistently.”

What do you expect at Portsmouth?

“It’s been a mixed bag, really, similar to us. They’ve had some fantastic results, a 4-0 win against Sunderland, and they’ve had some poor results and I think we’re very, very similar.

“We’ve had a rough ride lately and I think they have as well, but they’ve got some fantastic players and they’re a very well supported club with a very experienced management team, so a really challenging game. Going to Fratton Park is always a difficult task, so we have to make sure we’re at the top of our game.”

It’s a very fine line so far this season in this division?
“You always judge a game based on the result and I think the results that they’ve had and the games that I’ve watched and the games that we’ve had and our poor results, there’s been moments and margins in those games where it could have been a lot different. It really could have.

“The Sheffield Wednesday defeat, for instance, after 70 seconds we have a glorious chance that we should have taken. We had moments in the Wigan game, moments in the Plymouth game in the second half.

"I think if we get a goal that we deserved, I think we probably go on to get something out of the game.

“Even though you can suffer heavy defeats as Portsmouth have, they’ve been in those games and it’s just been defined on the moments and if people take their moments and take their opportunities, it can look a lot worse than it actually is.”

Is everybody fit and available?

“No, unfortunately not. Baka when he came on last week injured his ankle in the build-up to the first goal so he’s out for Saturday. It’s not too serious, but he needs some more time. It’s the other ankle he injured previously.

“Other than that, Eoin’s had a bit of illness but he seems to be on the recovery now so he’s back tomorrow.

“George Johnston has recovered fine so he’s available, and then we’ve got on or two niggles that we’re having to manage at the moment but these things come to challenge us and we haven’t really had a clear run all season with injuries but hopefully that’ll even itself out over the course of the season and we’ll get some more luck and people back fit and available as soon as possible.”

You mentioned last week great examples in the dressing room and in training of self-policing shown by the players - has it been more evident this week?

“I think they’re learning that all the time. I don’t think we’re the most vocal of groups to be honest.

"I think we have and can give good information, but just not enough and it’s a conversation that myself and Peter and Sam Hird who have all had good long careers in the game, it’s amazing what you can create and how much you can affect things with your voice, whether it’s a press, whether it’s marking, whether it’s where the space is in possession, the more you talk, not only does it help your team mates and help yourself concentrate but it also affects the competition and the opposition.

“So we need to do more of that. I‘ve spoken to a lot of them individually about stepping up and being good leaders and good people and giving the right information and when you are speaking and giving information, make sure it’s always business and it’s always to make us better - never personal and strictly business.

"If you keep it that way and ask yourself the question is this information going to help the team, help me and help my team mates, then you should give it and give it freely.

"You have to buy into that information, take it on board and just try and be better. That’s what we all want.”

There was a sense of positivity at the start of the week because of the way the game has ended. Do you feel that has developed throughout the course of the week?

“It’s been very good. Tuesday, we trained and had a really tough physical session but then went out for lunch and played some darts and had a bit of fun and camaraderie and competition and the players really enjoyed it.

"It was great to spend some time with them outside of work and that’s how you build relationships, those types of days, so it was really good and they’ve trained excellently well today, so we’ll prepare tomorrow and then head down to Portsmouth hopefully challenging for the three points.”

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Adam Senior was part of Ashton United’s team that won at Bamber Bridge and ended up getting the winning goal. What was he like in training at the start of the week?

“We’re very pleased that he’s on loan and doing well. That’s the whole point of going on loan really, to get game time, get experience playing in men’s football and getting used to that physical contact. He’s doing great, I have good feedback from their manager. We watch the games, we watch his clips and he’s doing really well.

“Keeping his feet on the ground was quite easy really because Monday morning, in the analysis meeting of our game, we managed to get hold of him missing a penalty. Not only was I surprised he was taking penalties, but I wasn’t so surprised that he missed one!

"But it was good fun to show the lads and he’s now got this Alice band in his hair because he’s growing his hair long and the lads are having good fun with him, but he takes it in the right way and I’m most pleased about his attitude and the way he’s going about his day to day work with us and his improvement, but also the right attitude to go out and play regular games and make sure that when you are playing for these clubs, that you are performing to the best of your ability and making those better.”

The group of players are not the most vocal and yet, if Adam is going out on loan and trying to take penalties given the relative inexperience he has, that must bode well for future prospects?

“That tells you a lot about Adam’s character that he’s willing to step up and put himself in the firing line and take penalties and try and impact the game. I also think he’s on free kicks and stuff like that, which is not something that I thought he would have done but the way he’s stepping up the plate is great character development and personal development for himself and that’s the benefit of being out on loan and playing in these teams and in these games is to give you that experience.

"I can’t speak highly enough of Adam, he’s a fantastic young man, a very good person first and foremost, but he’s an improving football player and long may that continue.”

On Portsmouth, do you feel the Fratton Park surface and that stadium is going to give you the best chance to see what Bolton can provide this Saturday?

“I hope so. I think the players will enjoy playing there. I certainly did when I was a player, it’s a good atmosphere, a good experience, an old school stadium which is very much on top of you so you get a real feel for the atmosphere, so hopefully they’ll enjoy themselves.

“We’ll go there and do what we do and try and improve and improve on the last week and get some positive feeling from the second half on Saturday and take that into this Saturday and hopefully get three points.”